Karly's Blog:)

This unit, we learned about one point perspective.  We watched a video telling us how to do it. Our class then did a practice drawing of a room. First, we drew the vanishing point. We learned about orthogonal lines. They are lines that eventually create an x. when they met at the vanishing point; it looked like the back of the wall. After that, we drew the door, the window and traced out the room.

Ms. Hull then gave us a project once we got the idea of the drawing. The assignment was to pick a wall in the room and draw it. Including all the details on and near that wall. She gave us a huge piece of paper and a ruler. It was easy to learn how to connect the lines to the vanishing point. I did find it hard to make everything 3D.  There is a lot of math involved with it, and the drawing took a while. 

I think Alisha did her drawing well. 

She did very good detailed work. I like all the colors and designs she put into it.