Kashif Ahmad- Vietnam & Guinea Bissau 5 point framework

Link to Prezi

For the 3rd quarter benchmark, the two countries that I did five point frame work was Vietnam and Guinea Bissau. Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia while Guinea Bissau is located in West Africa. Finding information on Vietnam was a piece of cake because of the major role it plays in the world. Major role such as importing goods to well developed countries such as United States, China and Japan. On the other hand I had to struggle a little to find information on Guinea Bissau. Since Guinea Bissau is a "low class" country, where the citizens have to struggle everyday to find living for them and their families, it's hard to find information because not a lot of people knows about it so therefore there isn't enough resources on countries like Guinea Bissau. In my opinion, the five point framework is straightforward and easy. It makes it easy to research on whatever country you're doing your research on. If I could change one thing I would provide more visuals such as picture to make it more interesting for the audience.