Kashif Ahmad Benchmark reflection

Since I was leaving to Pakistan I didn't have access to computer like that, Ms.Laufenberg assigned me this project. One thing I liked about this project is that it reached things I didn't knew before. What was challenging is that I had a little struggle with finding information about Pakistan government. One interesting fact is that Pakistan presidents serve 5 years instead of 4 years like here. This project could be improved if I included more pictures. I didn't really have problem with this project but one problem I encounter was that when I came back from Pakistan my computer battery was messed so now I can't use my computer without being plugged in to the charger, it makes it hard because I have to turn on and off my computer all the time. Finding the key points of the 2 government went well. I would make a video instead of slide show. I learned that Pakistan only had 12 presidents, also each president serves 5 years.