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In my First Blog Post, I gave you a basic summary of what Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) are.  I also talked about why they are used, the risk you take when you use them, what i think about the topic, and a few side effects if you take some certain PEDs.

I have recently come across a story on CNN News that talks about Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports dating back to 1976.  It also has timeline about the evolution of PEDs in sports history.  This website has been very helpful to me giving a lot more information about my topic that I needed to know.

The interview that I wanted to do didn't work out the way I wanted it to.  I couldn't find anyone to talk to that specifically specializes in my topic.  That made it difficult because to make up for not having an interview, I did a lot more research and found graphs of College player who used PEDs.

I have struggled with some things along the way with this project such as time, not getting an interview as planned, and trying to figure out an agent of change.  Time has not been on my side at all with this project.  My schedule has been full and it has been hard to find time to work on this.  I put myself in a hole where I didn't get to work on this as much as I wanted to but, it still took up a lot of time.  And not getting an interview and thinking of an agent of change just added more unwanted time.  I didn't think I was going to have to put as much work into this as I did.  But, it's all working out and I'm happy about that.  

For my agent of change I am ordering wristbands and I am going to have members of my baseball team and other teams wear them.  Hopefully the word will get out and I will have a lot of supporters wearing these wristbands.  

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Tito Mazzucchi (Student 2018)
Tito Mazzucchi

Woah! Great topic for the project. I feel like there is a lot to say about PED's and I'm sure that you found a lot of great information about this project. It sucks that you weren't able to do the interview, I bet that you would have done such a better job if things worked out. The one thing which I was wondering while reading this though, is the agent of change. Not much was said about it and I didn't really see pictures of it so it kinda made me wonder. Good job though, I enjoyed reading your blog posts!

Siani Davis (Student 2018)
Siani Davis

I think this is a good blog post. It is really cool that you are making wristbands for this, though I would of like to see some original pictures on your part. But overall good job!