Kelly Allison Lucid Chart Verizon Fios

My Network-

At $40 a month, my internet is provided by Verizon Fios. This internet comes into my home from the ISP cord (cable). My setup at home was pretty easy for me to understand and explain. My modem connects to my router, which then hooks up to my printer, speakers, USB port, Fios tv, and my laptops. 
Throughout the past couple of weeks, I have learned many interesting things. I never knew that if you setup the modem in a high position in the house, it will keep the internet underneath, as in like the basement, more stable. Some of this stuff kind of confuses me because I have never really been into too much. I hope throughout the year I can learn a lot more that will help me with using my laptop and understanding my network. I never knew that the term for what connects the modem and the router, and even a home computer or desktop, was called the ethernet. Most of the terms we have learned have become very useful to me and I look forward to learning more. 
If you are looking into your own ISP/Home network, the main thing you should know it to secure as best as you can. Especially in today's world, there are many ways to hack into your internet and cause for it to run slow or potentially cause viruses. You should benefit yourself by looking into a security process in order to make sure your network is safe.