Kendrick Lamar and Social Philosophies (Mohamed, Luke, Luis, Nick)

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Kawthar Hasan (Student 2018)
Kawthar Hasan

I believe that this video was engaging because it pointed out the issues men and women face each and everyday through Lamar's music, and interpreting it made me really enjoy watching this video.

Lotus Shareef-Trudeau (Student 2018)
Lotus Shareef-Trudeau

The video was engaging because they used a variety of songs and didn't spend too much time on one thing. The analysis was sophisticated, it went in depth in a lot of the song topic, lyrics, videos, etc… It picked out general themes as well as single lines in songs. In my opinion it went beyond the surface level analysis, and started to analyze a lot of stuff that I wouldn't have previously thought about.

Elizabeth Burrows (Student 2018)
Elizabeth Burrows

I was very engaged by the video, it was very nicely done, and the audio was clear. The analysis was very in depth picking at specific songs and certain lyrics and looking at the deeper meanings. I really liked listening to the lenses picking at the songs and it way way beyond what was expected.