Kenny Nguyen Capstone

For my capstone, I worked with Penelope Deoliveira to create a video game using Unity. The game is about people wondering around in a village once they enter the 4th floor of SLA. The 4th floor is known to be off limits. For fun, we created a story where a SLA student walks into the 4th floor and enters into a different world. The SLA student then roams around the village to collect the 5 core values of SLA, Inquiry, Research, Collaboration, Presentation, and Reflection. After collecting the diamonds, representing the 5 core values, the student then fights the “Benchmark,” which is a monster voiced by a math teacher. To make it even better, we both went around the school looking for students and teachers to record their voices and put that into the game.

      We were inspired by this project because we both had prior knowledge in codings from our internship at Temple University. Our outside mentor is Michael Korostelev from Temple and he has been helping us with our video game project throughout the school year. We constantly get in contact with Michael through emails for help with our codings and to debug our codes.

     My role as Penelope’s partner is to research what tools we should use and where/what models to use for NPC and wrote some of the codes for the game. Penelope’s role is work on the environments and coding missions and scenes. We brainstormed a lot of ideas together and we were able to make an awesome game with the involvement of the SLA community.

SLA backstair
SLA backstair
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    • This is the website that we will be using to download a program called “Unity.” Unity is a coding engine to make 3D games by inserting in codes. This is the main program that we will be using for our capstone. Penelope and I found this coding engine because we heard it from a gaming website and it sounded interested to us because it has a lot of customizations for coding. Unity is also beneficial because it has a lot of support on coding. It has a coding support website for coders that needs help. Overall, this is what we are using to code. This program is new to us, so we are working with an outside mentor from Temple.

  • "C Games and Graphics Code Examples." C Games and Graphics Code Examples. Happy Codings. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

    • I find this website useful because it has different codings on different scenarios and events. The coding is already done but they need to be modified into our objects and integrated into our video gaming engine, Unity. Since our video game is a fantasy video game, a lot of things can happen from this website because of the already done codings. Some codings would be integrated into our game because it would actually make the game more enjoyable and pleaseable to the player. Some of these codes are extremely different and that’s why we got a mentor from Temple to help us with this project.

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    • This website is somewhat like a forum for coders in Unity. But it is primarily a resource where a user posts introductions to Unity from downloading and installing to scripting. It is a video tutorial done by this user that is highly proficient with Unity and has his own websites to help others. The website is also integrated with a community forum where coders posts problems or conflicts they may have and someone resolves it when they see it. So I find that very interesting and useful. The tutorials topics are organized pretty well. It’s almost all the things we would need to make the video game. It has tutorials on physics, which is needed for the video game of SLA.

  • Hart, Richard. "Create Your On Video Game | Unity 3D Turorial - Udemy." Udemy. Udemy. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

    • I find this source to be the most helpful of all so far. The user, Richard Hart, demonstrates the different functionalities of what the gaming engine Unity can do. He goes in depth and step by step tutorials on coding 3D games. It is like an online course for learning Unity. Unity has a built in coding system, so some of the objects and actions’ codes don’t need to be looked up or created. That’s a neat thing about Unity. We can do more from what is already provided from Unity. Using this website, we would be able to get a stronger grasp on the different types of codes applicable for a 3D game.

  • "How to Learn Unity - Tuts Game Development Article." Game Development Tuts. Tuts, 12 Oct. 2012. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

    • I find this article useful because it gives advices and hacks for the Unity gaming engine. Learning how to code is one thing, but learning how to learn and use Unity is another structure. The article gives insights on what is relevant and what is irrelevant in learning Unity. The article is primarily for beginners who is new to Unity, which is myself and my partner. Since my partner and I are relatively new to Unity, we will need to learn from the beginning and how to approach. We don’t want to jump start anything and forgetting about the minor details.

  • "Learn to Code." Codecademy. Code Academy. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.      <>.

    • During my summer internship at Temple, this is the website where we started off using for our summer project on coding. This website is all about coding from beginners to advance coders. It has many coding language from PHP, CSS, HTML, and Java. At my internship, everybody started off with coding on this website. This had benefited me a lot because it gives you practice lessons then after practice lessons, my mentor at Temple gave us a project to do based on what we learned on Code Academy. So I find that website very beneficial to me and probably to my partner as well in creating this video game for our capstone.

  • Rauschmayer, Axel. Speaking JavaScript. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Media, 2014. Print.

    • This is an online book on javascripting. And the primary language code that would will be using is Java scripting. The book has a lot of contents and topics on Javascripts so that would be very helpful. Javascripting is still kind of rough to me so I will definitely be getting help on this from the online book and our mentors. I have had some experiences with Javascripting during my summer internship, so it’s kind of rough to me right now. But reading the book and getting help will definitely help us in making this video game. Javascripting is the primary language that will be used.

  • "Unity Community." Unity Community. Unity. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

    • This is a forum directly from Unity. Users posts their insights and their troubles with Unity for other people to help out. This is helpful for us because whenever we have conflicts we could talk to our mentors and post our conflict in the forum for other coders to look at and help us. In addition to the support, the forum has a lot of resources and add ons that can be imported into Unity to make gaming more enjoyable. The resources are open to everyone online. Another good thing is the forum is always up to date, users posts daily. It’s not like a forum that is just there and never been touched. Users are constantly active and helping each other out, so that is a plus for us.

  • "What Language Is Used To Develop Using Unity." Unity3d. Stack Exchange, 1 Jan. 2012. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

    • Firstly, we have been running into issues on what language we need to use for gaming. We made several theories and thoughts and it worked out. This website just gives more insights from other professional coders on what language is necessary. The website has a single question posted by one user and other users join in and answer the question on what language is used in Unity. Their answers are very high quality because they based it on their experiences and seeing which language code is more convenient. Users gives insights on different types of codes, which is very helpful for us in differentiating which language to use.

  • "50 Tips for Working with Unity (Best Practices)." Devmagorgza. Dev Mag, 12 July 2012. Web. 29 Jan. 2015. <>.

    • Since coding is a messy process and very tedious, this article gives a lot of helpful advices and tips on coding such as organizations of codes and color coding. One of the key things in coding is organizations I find this useful because I feel like we would run into a lot of conflicts and confusion just because the codes aren’t labeled or isn’t very well organized. So having advices on how to organize codes would be extremely helpful. These tips and advices are specifically for Unity. There are many new things that I never knew of until reading the article. Additionally, it’s our first approach to Unity as well.