Kevin's Law - Meat and Poultry Pathogen Reduction and Enforcement Act

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 I was unsure as to which Bill i should choose or that I was interested in so I choose a bill that I had learned about in a previous class. I choose to present it in a movie format because originally i wanted to make a video but I ended up making a Keynote for it and exporting it in the form of a movie. I felt that i would be able to get more information in my presentation this way. One of the only parts of this presentation that was somewhat difficult was finding more information to go with what I already knew. This is an older bill that doesn't seem to be coming back anytime soon. As a result the information concerning it was a little harder to find. If I had to do this over I would most likely have made a straight video most likely acting it out, it wold have been awesome. I researched major events in the years before or during the year of the creation of the bill. The process for actually finding the information overall was a bit harder than I thought it would be because i had to go to so many different places to know or understand what was happening