Kevin Horton Capstone

My capstone is a collection of writing from over the years. I have shown my growth by ordering my writing from oldest to newest. I also have included a sample monologue. While I haven't done a huge writing-based project, I have grown continuously from 9th grade to 12th Grade, and I will continue to excel my skills. The process was very rigorous, and by no means, easy. I have spent hours after hours looking through my archives of quality writing, and I have various pieces to show my growth.

Below Is a piece of writing I did during my 11th Grade year.

Spectacular Now Monologue- March 2015

Have you ever felt you might just be the biggest joke ever? Like you want to be rich, famous and remembered for something great but all you can do is hang up shirts and get paid and be known for being an alcoholic? Well I’ve been there many times before. Like, more than I can count. Well, on my hands at least. Never have I cared about anything but downing my daily alcohol, seeing my girlfriend,  and partying with Ricky, who was my wingman. I also find myself staring at my feet when walking. It's weird. Whatever. Anyway, I thought i was on the right track when I thought that me and my now ex girlfriend was gonna move to St Louis while she chases her dreams through college. I was about to, but once I met my father, then it hit me. I'm suppose to be a drunken failure with social smarts. So here I go, cutting my co-supportive relationship with someone who mattered the most, pushing my family away because my mom refuses to get a new job and my sister is just another bratty sibling. Of Course, school didn't work out so i got one less burden on my back. But here I am ready to disappear. My name, is Sutter Keely. I'm from Oklahoma City, and I'm living the spectacular now.

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