Keystone Pipeline Monologue Project

Keystone Pipeline Monologue Project

Part I

In this unit I have learned about the pros and cons of a proposed pipeline that could could potentially make it or break it for some people.The Keystone Pipeline was developed to carry oil from Canada’s oil sands to the Gulf Coast of Texas. This Pipeline is becoming a new national issue that is causing many issues. After watching very biased videos on both sides, it seems that big businesses and companies are the ones for this pipeline considering all the benefits they could get from it, whereas the surrounding homeowners are completely against this idea due to all of the threats it can cause. 

Part II

.“If we are truly concerned about carbon, it seems to me building a state-of the-art pipeline which is the most efficient way to get -- to move oil around is the best approach,” 


.“These jobs have been a bright spot in a tough economy for three million American families,”


.“The company’s claim that KXL will create 20,000 direct construction and manufacturing jobs in the U.S. is not substantiated” and “KXL will not be a major source of US jobs, nor will it play any substantial role at all in putting Americans back to work.” In fact, the State Department’s own study, which many pipeline opponents felt was tilted pro-industry, suggests that far fewer jobs will be created and most of them will be temporary and non-local. 

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.In Nebraska, TransCanada’s proposed route cuts directly across the aquifer and through fragile ecosystems geologically similar to the Sandhills region, threatening the livelihoods of local farmers and ranchers, wildlife and millions of people who depend upon the Ogallala. Tar sands oil contains high concentrations of benzene and other carcinogens, which raises the potential for widespread water contamination.


.”This pipeline, intended to carry crude oil 1,711 miles from Canada's oil sands through the Great Plains to the Gulf Coast of Texas.”


Part III

Company Owner’s Son-

(Danny, furious and upset, is walking home fast)

“I can’t believe it, I really can’t. Another game, he missed another game! Ughhhh, all I asked is for one time, just one time that he keeps his promise. Of course the day I pitch a perfect game he has another excuse for. I hope that stupid, stupid company of his falls apart once again so then maybe he’ll quit for good!” 

(Danny slams the front door shut behind him and begins to walk up the steps, mumbling his responses.)

“I don’t care dad. … Nothing is wrong I just don’t care. … I don’t care about your stupid job, your stupid company, or that stupid project!”

(Danny slams his bedroom door closed and sits at his computer desk.)

“He really thinks I am going to care about anything he says right now! You missed my like best game this year and you expect me to care about some stupid project that will 

(makes air quotations) 

 save your job? Like how will a dumb pipeline save any business anyway? I don’t even know what it is.”

(turns on his compute and mumbles the word “keystone pipeline” as he types it in)

“Uhhh keystone pipeline, oh here we go. Well, um, that’s interesting. I mean, maybe this could benefit both of us, considering if this pipeline does everything it says it will, that means more jobs at his oil business could develop which would allow my dad to hire more staff, giving him more free time to do something, like um, maybe spending some time with his only son. I mean, we also won’t be so tight on money anymore, with daddy’s business booming I could get that new bat I was talking about. Maybe this really could be a good thing! All of his products could finally get out of here in Canada and make its way to the states! He can finally stop talking about himself all the time. Whoah! Umm well I guess here comes all the bad parts. Wait, is this serious? It does say there is better ways to create jobs and get products out there so maybe this isn’t the only option. No, no, no! This cannot be his only option considering all this will do! Of course once again being the selfish person he is, he’s just been talking about all the great and amazing things this project will do and not anything about how it well, for starters poses a huge threat to the environment. No wonder why he never comes to my environmental group meetings at school. Once again, only parent not there. He’s also talking about all the jobs he could create for his stupid company and nothing about all he will be taking away from these poor farmers, or even worse, what it could potentially do to the people living near this pipeline.”

(Looks quickly at the door)

“Oh, um, hey, how long have you been standing there? … Listen I didn’t really mean that I was just upset. … Well it’s hard when you’re never there for me and you’re always wrapped up in your job. … Yeah, about that project, do your research on it dad. It can really hurt people. … No do it now. … Thanks.” 

(Turns off computer)

Save Grandpa!!!-

(Alexis runs in talking to her parents from being at her grandpa’s house)

“It was so much fun! … Of course he said I can go back next weekend, he nevers says no. … Well he likes me being there. … Ummm Because he tells me he does. … I don’t know, like what would I do if I didn’t go to his house like every weekend? … But that’s where I wanna be. … Um no, what do you mean? ... Like it’s not even a big deal, what do you mean there might come a time when I won’t be able to go there? ... That will never happen. 

(Storms away, but stands around the corner to hear what they say. Begins talking to herself.)

“A pipeline? Why would a pipeline stop me from going to my grandpa’s house? Like what does that have to do with anything? … How is this pipeline going to cause threaten my health and the environment, I’m so confused. … Why would someone build something in Nebraska that could cause this crude oil to leak on my grandpa’s land there? He could get like so hurt from this! … All the farming jobs are put at risk? … Who wants this to happen? ... No, this can’t happen! 

(Walks back around the corner in front of her parents)

“Who is making this happen? … Like grandpa could get so hurt from this! … What are you guys going to do to help him? … Well you can’t just keep me from seeing him and not help him! … Why don’t you care about him!”

(Storms off crying to her room and picks up her phone) 

“Grandpa? … No, I’m not okay. … Well my parents just told me I can’t go to your house anymore if this stupid pipeline happens! … No it’s not for the best! … Well why don’t you come live with us? … Well I know you shouldn’t have to leave your home, but it’s not safe for you or for anyone living there and whoever is doing this doesn’t seem to care. ... Well what can we do to stop it? … Yeah, I would go. … Well when is the protest? … Okay. … Do you really think this could work? … Okay I’ll be there. … Love you too. … Bye. 

(Hangs up phone and run down stairs)

A Family Man with No Other Choice-

(Walks outside to get the mail and throws the bill down on the table when he walks back inside. Sits down on the couch staring at a blank tv.) 

“I can’t believe this. How am I suppose to pay another bill when I still have no job. I’m laid off, my wife has no choice but to stay home, I have four kids for crying out loud. I just don’t see things getting better. If I don’t find a job soon my kids will keep living this difficult life of a stressful household, my wife will probably come to her senses one of these days and just leave me and this small, ugly Nebraska house, and my kids will grow up not knowing me and eventually hating me. I have to do something soon, before I lose everything I love, but I’m afraid of the only choice I have.”

(Looks at the door as his wife walks in)

Hey, honey. … Nothing’s wrong, it’s just that pile of bills is getting bigger and bigger and I’m afraid that the only choice I have to provide for my family goes against all of our morals. … Well for starters, the environmental issues that it is going to cause alone is making me not want to do it. Not to mention the threat it will cause to everyone living near this pipeline, including us. It also could end jobs for other people even though, it creates one for us, but I still don’t want to see someone else be put in the position we are in now. … I mean, this is my only choice though. … It’s not all bad. It does, most importantly, give me a job. It also creates energy security, there are many labor union benefits, it will get new products out there, it will help the economy, and will cause less of a carbon footprint. That’s all important stuff, right? … I mean the oil is going to end up being transported from Canada one way or another anyway so at least this way I get a job. ... Yes, I understand that. The environment and others are very important to me, but you're right, we do have to think of our family first. … Yeah, I guess we can just wait and see.

Part IV