Keystone Pipeline Monolouges

For this project I had to write three monologues. For each monologue I came up with a different story for each situation. These monologues still have the same theme which is the Keystone Pipelines. The Keystone pipeline is a system that transports crude oil from the oil sands of Alberta Canada to Northern the United States. People’s opinions vary concerning this project. For example, people might think the project is great because it will create jobs and the U.S. will become less independent on other countries. On the other hand some people think that the pipelines aren’t environmentally safe and will pollute the earth. I did research and tried to determine why different people have formed different opinions. I thought this was great because most people only look at their point of view, but I researched for myself and found examples of both pros & cons.

The Only Option

(Frank and his Wife Carmen are talking inside their shabby apartment.)


Babe I got good news. So I’ve been looking for a job for a long time and I finally found one. It’s with transCanada. Yep the people who are building those pipelines. I know, I know, I know that those pipelines aren’t good. Yep there has been a few leaks already... that’s why I gonna fix them. If I take this job my work can fix and improve this project. And I really don’t understand why you think it’s gonna affect our drinking water. Polar Springs and dasani will find a way to fix it. (Carmen calls the job crappy and shakes her head in disapproval.) Oh it’s a crappy job? It’s a crappy job that’s putting food on the table. And if it’s so crappy why don’t you find a better job.  

Let me calm myself down. (Frank counts to ten then tries to explain himself.) It’s not easy being a man out here. Especially a worthless one. You don’t understand but that’s how I feel. Right now I can’t support you and our baby girl and she deserves better than this. You have to come to your senses.

The pipeline isn’t all that bad. I mean the U.S. is saving a boatload of money with this project, it has created over 20,000 jobs, increased demand for local goods and services, invested in local communities, and created more business opportunities. You're really making seem worse than what it is. Yes. I know that it’s a huge chance that this job is just temporary. In a few day we will temporarily be homeless. Why can’t you just be happy for me? (Frank gets louder with every sentence.) We might be able to find a better place to live. You protest everyday at the white house. You guys do all types of fooliness. Taping yourselves to the equipment and yelling like caged animals. Like do you want me to lose my job? You're wasting you time, and the last thing I want you to do is get arrested. You know your dark skinned. You’ll be the first one to go to jail. And we barely have rent money so you already know I ain't got no bail money.

(Frank sees the fear in his wife’s face and lowers his voice.) Just listen to me babe, the pipelines won’t destroy the earth. It might contaminate some water and ruin some beaches but it’s bearable. Just trust me and we’ll be fine. (Frank hugs Carmen and comforts her.)

Got to Let You Go

(Matthew a farmer is outside taking wit One of his workers Bull) Are you serious? It’s obvious what’s wrong. Can’t you see these pipelines too. They’re ruining my business. (Bill tries to calm Frank down). Why are you telling me to calm down? You should be just as angry as me. It’s your job too man. Our green pastures will soon be filled with crude oil. How are we gonna produce vegetation with crude oil all over the place? And another question, if they’re getting and saving money with this project why can’t they use some that money to make a better pipeline. This pipeline has only been running for just a week and is already screwing up. ( Matthew kicks some dirt). Those pipelines are leaking that nasty crude oil and the temperatures of the pipelines are affecting my crops. It’s making the climate change. And what makes me mad is that they know what they’re doing but, they chose to ignore it. Yes! I think they know exactly what they’re doing.

My family business will be ruined. My sons and grandsons will never get to experience this. I just want my family to be successful. I mean is that too much to ask for?  I want to be able to support my family and guide them.

Man I tell you, people only care about themselves. They could care less about the well being of others. Some people are fooled. They think they’re getting a job that they can depend on, but that job is only gonna last for a year or two if that.  They’re destroying the earth for a dollar.  

Bill I said all this so you can understand why I’m about to do this. What I mean is I gotta let you go. Is not that you're a bad worker because your a hard worker, it’s just because we can’t afford to have you here. We aren’t selling as many crops as we used to. With this pipe we lost over a thousand dollars. (Bill says that Matthew is lying). Don’t say that. I always cared and wanted the best for you. I wish the best and good luck finding another job. ( Bill walks away and says nothing to Matthew).  

Beach Gone Bad

(Jazmine is at home wondering why she can’t go to the beach. She calls her mom Kim to get answers) Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mama, Ma. Hey mommy. (Jasmine pauses for a few seconds then talks) No, no, no wait I wanted to ask you something. Why can’t me and my friends go to the beach today? (Gina begins to tell her about the Keystone pipelines).  What’s the Keystone Pipeline? What’s crude oil? OKAY! Sorry for asking so many questions but I’m confused and remember, I’m just a little girl. Can you explain it to me with easy stuff? Thanks. (Her mom tries to make it understandable). So they have poorly made pipelines across the U.S. and Canada? So why can’t I go to the beach? I don’t understand. (Jazmine finally catches on). Wait one second Mr. mom. You’re telling me they’re messing up my beach with some nasty crude oil? This is an outrage!

Mommy, it’s summer and I love to go to the beach and play with my friends, and, and, and you talk grown folk talk with Holly’s mom there. There has to be something we can do to fix it. We have to. This is worse than the time I lost my blanket Blankie  when I was five.

Mommy, I wanted to know if we can clean the oil up. (Jasmine’s mom expresses how hard that could be). It can’t be that bad because the beach was fine two weeks ago. I remember like it was yesterday. Me, Holly, and Brianna were building sand castles. (Jasmine goes completely off subject) My castle was the best. I put my ring pop right on top of it for the finishing touches. Then just when I was about to show you, Brianna knocked it over. I don’t like her or her mom. You said her mom was something that started with B and ended with a h. (zmaine’s mom gives her the eye).  Okay Okay mom. Sorry. Now back to what I was saying.

I get it. Cleaning up the pipelines is a little impossible, but there has to be someway our voices can be heard. Right? I know I’m very tiny but that doesn't mean anything. In Sunday school last week, Mrs. Evans told not to let anyone look down on me because I’m young. And mom you said it yourself. You were all like, you can do anything baby and stand up for what you believe in. (Jasmine's mom agrees) We’ll figure out something tomorrow. I need your help.