Keystone Pipeline XL Monologue Project

In my 10th grade history class we were learning about the Keystone Pipeline XL . The Keystone pipeline is a pipe that travel from Canada through the USA carrying tar sand oils . We learned some of the benefits that the pipeline has such as creating new jobs and cheaper oil. We also learned about the disadvantages that the pipeline would create such as oil spills, climate changes and many more. In my monologues below it shows someone or something and how they are feeling about the pipeline and whether or not it is the best thing for both Canada and the USA. Hope you enjoy!  

What's good for me Now.

(Daequan is walking down the street and notices Ms. Willson on her step)

Hey Ms. Wilson... (Pauses to listen)

This weather is lovely isn't it..(pauses to listen)

Hows it going?... (pauses to listen)

(sighs) Well I'm not doing too well, I haven't had a job in 5 months. Schools about to start up again and I don't have any money to get Leah any clothes. This is Rihards first year in school and I don't want him to go to school feeling like he is less than anyone...(pauses to listen, walking up the steps to go sit on the porch with her)

yea I've tried looking online but no one is hiring any more or you need a certain degree and I only have a degree in construction … (pauses to listen)

Yea I've heard about the Keystone Pipeline, I also heard that they are debating weather or not if they should build it which to me should be in issue since it creates hundred of thousands of jobs. Only if they were to agree to build it I would be back on my feet... (pauses to listen)

Well , I did hear that it would pollute the air more than regular oil and would cause climate change but i have to look at how it would benefit me now. If they don't decide to build it I won't be able to put food on the table or pay the bills, we would become homeless. The issue of pollution wouldn't matter. Come on Ms. Wilson you know how hard it is to get a job out here especially being an African American...(pauses to listen)

I know if the air is polluted it would have an effect on my grandchildren and my great grandchildren but I have to look at it now , (getting sad)  my children won't even be able to have children if I don't provide for them right now. Think about it, if they were to decide the pipeline that would mean the gas would be cheaper and I would be able to take you to the supermarket and get those sweet cherries you like and take you to the white folks neighborhood and buy you those fresh collard greens from the produce market...(pauses to listen)

I guess nothing will convince you that this pipeline is the best thing that can happen to people like me. People who don't have any other chance of work except this.. I understand, (starts crying) I need the money, I don’t care about what will happen in the future I am broke right now. Imma talk to you later, I have to go fill out the application to work...(pauses to listen, walking down the steps)

Just stop! Anything you say will not change my mind. Goodbye.

True Colors

(Rondo sees the major of the city he lives in in Canada, he shakes his hand and begins to talk)

Hello Major Ashton I am Rondo White and I have come to you about the problem of the Keystone Pipeline....(Pauses to listen)

Well my concern is that this pipeline will destroy all living kind. It will destroy our air, destroy our water and cut down the amount of tree’s that we have...(Pauses to listen for a 3 seconds  also looking as if he is confused)

Yes I am native to canada...(Pauses to listen)

Listen, I’ve heard all about the jobs that this project will provide for all of the people who live here and who live in the USA, but the amount of jobs wouldn't matter after the pipeline has done all the damage that it can do. If you all go forward with this the people of Canada will not be able to tend to their daily lives... (pauses to listen, the major says how?)

How you ask? (Chuckling) (in a rude way he says...) Please don't be so naive, you are building a giant pipe in the middle of our city, we as Canadians won't be able to go to our ponds and fish because the water would be so polluted. We won't be able to go hiking because the workers would be mining the trails and even worse, we can't even take a nice fresh breath of air because the air would be so polluted. The tar sands extractions releases 3 times more carbon dioxide then then the fuels we already use...(pauses to listen anger builds up in his voice)

(looking around with hands held out) Is this what Canada has become? The only thing that you all can talk about is how many jobs this pipeline creates are you all even concern with the fact that the well being of the people is at risk because of this pipeline...(Pauses to listen)

I understand that us as a people complain about how high the unemployment rate is and how high the gas prices are but do you really think building this pipeline will benefit our country more than it will hurt us?...(pauses to listen)

Sorry, I hate to interrupt you but if you build this pipeline there will be no reason for jobs because there will be no more people...(Pauses to listen)

Please enough already, I came to you because I thought you would understand me being a native Canadian but I guess we will never come to the same conclusion. (getting up) I already had a family member die from polluted air and I refuse to sit back and watch my whole country die. Thank you for your time ,but this isn't the last you'll see of me .

The Trees we Use to Be

(Treesum is a tree that lives in a forest in Canada. Talking to a worm that is beginning to eat his leaf. )

Hows it going ? (Pauses to listen)

Well I am not in a  very good mood. As I am standing here today, it has come to my attention that I will not be able to live on much longer. Before the humans where here this earth was beautiful. The air was fresher than ever, the water was clearer than grass and all my family was alive . Now the human race has put us plants through it all, but today is the day that I realize that it is getting worse then ever before. A little bird came to eat the wonderful seeds that i have to offer when it told me that the USA and Canada are planning to build a pipeline that runs through both of the countries. I am terrified. If they go through with this then we will be cut down (Looking around to the other trees, (beginning to get sad ). Even if they decide not to decide to cut us down we are still going to die because 90% of  water that they use will be polluted and will be released back into the general population. When the extract the oil form of the tar sand they will release so much Carbon in that air that we will die from not being able to separate the oxygen we need from that disgusting carbon we don't want. (sighs) we can never win. They just don’t care, don’t these crappy humans no that we are one of the main reasons why the can take in good breaths but yet they are trynna tear us down. (getting angry) It's sad because all we do on a daily basis is trying to help them and all they do is kill us. If they decide to build this pipeline there are losing out on ever breathing a fresh breath of air. They are going to miss out on the wonderful scenery that we, as trees, have to offer.(Pauses to listen).

I know its sad (acts as if he hears a noise) Wait , What's that noise? They're here. I guess they really don’t care. (Truck gets closer, begins to try to cut down Treesum) Stop it... Please Stop it ! Ahhhhhhhhh. ( The construction works cut him down)


The Keystone pipeline will create hundres of thousands of jobs for people in the USA and Canada.
The world will never be able to recover if something goes wrong with the pipeline.
Humans have already used 2/3 of the natural resources that we have.
Americans dont need the oil, They waste nearly a million barrels a day.
The oil extraction of tar sands pollutes the air 3 times more than regular oil does.          
 The amount of carbon released by the pipeline will rise the climate by 30%


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