Keystone XL pipeline

The unit we were are learning about in class is about the keystone XL pipeline. We researched facts about the pipe line, and we saw video's about the two different sides to this pipeline. Pro and con. This unit really helped me understand the pro's and cons on two different opinions, and to not judge peoples opinions before really listening, and thinking about their perspective.

1.The Keystone Pipeline starts in Canada and goes all the way down to the golf of Mexico,

2) 2,157 miles. 

3)Some people think that the pipeline is good, next to the other alternative, using trucks the transport the oil. They think that transporting the oil in trucks i way more dangerous, because of accidents. 

4)Other people think that the Pipeline is bad, because there will be more leaks. 



(at the dinner table)

My day was good...Mom, tell him what I did.

(pause)Yeah, I wrote it. Okay (stands up)

Dear dad, I think that the Keystone pipelines are very bad for the environ….( Pronounce wrong) (pause) Environment. To get the oil people have to drill holes into the floor and that is bad for our earth and makes us have a holie earth. Then,

(starts speaking frantic) the pipes will have could leak, like the ceiling, when it rains. And it could get into the water that the animals drink. And If the animals drink that they will get sick. And If the animals get sick, then you couldn’t have your meat

(holds up chicken) and I couldn’t have my ruby (points to dog with chicken). But not just Us, no one will have their meat of their ruby’s. But also, it could mess up plants, because, well, Mommy told me, that when it gets hot, the water goes up in the air, and it goes into the clouds, then the clouds move and it rains. But what if the dirty water from the pipes go up into the air, and turn into clouds and it rains over Mr.Humphrey's Farm? Then won’t have any plants either, and Mommy can’t eat her salad. And soon enough all anyone could say at dinner is (yells)”Pass the salt!” because that is all we will have. So please daddy, vote against the pipeline. And save your dinner! *whisper* And ruby.



(In the front of the cop car)

What was happening back there? But it is important; Well I mean it looked important... Well then why did you taze him? (looks to the back seat) I heard them talking on about some pipeline, and Tar sand oil? (small pause)yeah tar sand Oil.

(Pause)well what’s wrong with the oil? (change of tone) Because I wanna know, the people sounded mad! Just tell me what happened.

(long pause) So…..this pipeline …...will destroy the Ozone? (talks faster) But a pipe is better than trucks that can get into accidents.

(pauses) Well yeah…. there could be leaks, BUT they could get people to fix it, we could have people for that. More jobs right?  It sounds to me that the pipeline isn’t the issue. It’s the tar sand oil, that’s what you people should be yelling about ( looks back seat) Whether we use truck or pipes.  We still have to drill in the ground, so the pipeline shouldn’t be what you protest about, it should be the sand

(pauses & looks looks forward) Yeah I guess it will destroy the farms and the grounds...why did you protest? you could have sent a letter, it’s not that serious. I mean, going to jail for that. Is it really that worth it? Personally I wouldn’t want to go to jail, and I don’t think you would want to either. I mean. Would I?


Okay, so we need to have something that won't get easy leaks. Since the press wants to worry about leaks. I wonder…..If we put rubber in the pipe if it will leak, or if It will fall off and mess up the oil.

(picks up phone* *dial tone)Kristen I need a test ran on  how the oil reacts with rubber inside the pipe. Thanks, call when your done, Bye bye. (hangs up phone)

(sigh) hopefully thats taken care of. Now, daren. (dial tone)hey Darren, I need you to find out all the farmland on our rout for the pipeline. Oh, you already have the map? well can you fax it to me? yeah thanks. Okay. bye. (hangs up phone.)

(sips coffee and taps pen* * paper comes out* *Look at paper) Okay, so it looks like we have to get some curves over near the Robinson's ranch.

(dial tone) Hello? Yes Darren, I need you to call the Robinson ranch to see what parts of their farm they don’t really use, and ask if it’s okay to put the pipeline their. We have to try to make this pipeline as eco friendly as possible. (hangs up the phone)

Well, Good things about the pipeline (pause and taps pen ) A Pipe would be more eco friendly than driving trust with oil, and It would be much safer than having flammable oil near other peoples cars. Plus the exhaust from the trucks.  

(phone rings)This is Braden. (pause) Oh you ran the test? ( pause) Great! I’ll come down now! thats wonderful. Okay, Bye bye. (hangs up phone) Yes!