Keystone XL Pipeline Monologue/Day

Link to My Video here incase not emdeded. 

During this unit in World History we learned about American consumerism as well as the Keystone XL Pipeline, a pipeline that will stretch through U.S States to Canada. We went over the pros and cons of this and wrote monologues about someone/something who was effected/affected by the Pipeline in someone kind of way. Here are my monologues. 

Here are some quotes and facts that stuck out to me. 

"“It’s a given that the crime activity increases and hospitals are getting more use, and housing is so expensive. Sure, there are jobs, but you can’t find anywhere to live."” — Bill Whitehead 

Giant oil corporations invested in Canada's tar sands. 

Perspective #1

Who: Junior Executive for TransCanada who does not agree with pipeline extension.

What: To keep pipeline as same and to not extend it

Where: From the boardroom of TransCanada

Why: He believes it will hurt the environment and he is a bit of an environmentalist.

Perspective #2

Who: Chairman of TransCanada who is pro pipeline extension

What: To keep line extension in place.

Where: From his office

Why:  He believes it will be an efficient way of gaining oil independence and a great money maker. The chairman is broke, and is trying to continue to give his family the lifestyle that they have always had.

Perspective #3

Who: Protester who is contemplating their stance on the Keystone XL pipeline

What: Is unsure

Where: From rally outside of potential construction site.

Why: He does not know if hurting the environment will benefit it in the long run. He does not want to upset the other protesters so he tries to keep his opinion silent.

Good Guy, Gone Bad

( Opens as Terry sits in board meeting with other colleagues thinking in his head about the pipeline)

Who am I? What am I doing here? I was head of the Environmental Club at Princeton. What would the club think of me if they knew I was going to be apart of making a decision that could possibly contribute to the earth’s demise? I don’t get how someone who was about to become an environmentalist, and save the earth, is helping destroy it. I was suppose to help save it. Not kill it. What am I going to do… I (votes in Board meeting for pipeline) what did I just do? Maybe if I… no, I can’t do that I could get fired, and face it, i’m only doing this for the money, until I can do what I really want. Repair messes like this. I have to stand up and face my demons. But what am I going to do? Fine… I’m going to do it. (Stands up and begins to speak to board) I feel that we should stand up for what we know is right. We cannot just stand here and do nothing while we get the construction workers to kill our precious land and fertile soil. When I was at Princeton I learned a lot, but something that always stuck out to me was standing up for what I believed in. And this is what I believe in… Not building the pipeline. We can’t continue to do this! Well don’t just stand there do something! I know all of you can’t be that corrupt and money hungry! Life as we know it on this planet will be over if we do not stand up, and do something. (Board member makes rude remark) Well fine, FUCK YOU ALL! AND I QUIT! HOW ABOUT THAT?!?! (Leaves board room to go with protesters outside of building)

A Change of Heart

(Kim stands at head of table in board room is in the middle of presenting Pipeline Proposal before vote)

The pipeline will not only benefit our the company revenue, but it will also benefit the country. The U.S is very dependent on oil from foreign countries. This would boost the U.S’s level of independence extremely so, and would also give the U.S more resources to create more allies around the world. This would boost the productivity of TransCanada by approximately 14% in comparison to last year… (Terry, a Junior Executive stands up to executives and quits) (Kim drops pen) You know what! Damn it! He has a point! Why am I doing this, I don’t need this, my man got a job, and ain’t nobody got time for this shit. Like i’m so tired of wearing this suit and pretending like we are not savage! Have you ever thought of the negative effects of this pipeline!!! Like killing the earth! And you can just stand there and decide this, all for a 6 figure check?!?! Are you crazy?! How will you spend money when there won’t be any trees to make any paper. Like that is completely obtuse. And the thing about it is, I don’t even understand how someone could be so careless about the world that we live in. (Board members look in awe). WELL DON’T JUST STAND THERE! DO SOMETHING!!!! (Board members continue to give blank stairs) You know what! I quit! And good luck building the pipeline without my leadership. I’m going with Terry, and the rest of the ‘savages’ that want to save our country! (Kim takes off blazer, Work ID, and glasses and throws them on the ground and goes protest with Terry)

A Man Confused

(Jordan stands with picket sign raised screaming to get rid of pipeline with other protesters)

DON’T PLANT THE PIPELINE IN THE EARTH YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOSE WORLD IS THIS?!?! *Crowd screams* Our world! (Jordan begins thinking in his head about the pipeline) I mean what if the pipeline actually did benefit us in a way… We’re out here not even trying to negotiate and just demanding things that have nothing to do with us and are really out of our control. (Comes back to reality and begins to talk on megaphone). We cannot continue to not look at the other side, we should not be blaming those people in the board room and instead we should be blaming ourselves as citizens for letting things get to this point. Instead of standing out here like savages. (Protesters simmer down until they get to a level of complete silence.) Umm… what do you guys think? (Terry comes down to be with protesters and is harassed a yelled at) *Protestor speaks* “What the hell do you want?”  (Terry gives reasoning behind him joining the angry protestors, then Jordan begins to speak to himself) In the midst of all the chaos, he came down to join us, this must be a sign, we must be fighting for a good cause! (Kim takes megaphone, and comes down to join Terry and other protesters) If two executives have join us, this is a change I want to be apart of. (Jordan begins to chant) WHOSE WORLD IS THIS?! *Crowd screams* Our world!!! (Monologue closes)