Keystone XL Pipeline Monologues


For this assignment, we, the students had to study the Keystone Pipeline and its background. We were to create our own monologues that showed either support or rejection of the idea. You had the choice of writing a monologue on either a real or fictional character, actual or inanimate. We had to research quotes and views on the pipeline, if you were including actual people in your monologues. In my monologues I portrayed the perspectives of three different figures. One, President Barack Obama, another being Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the last a fictional supporter of the Keystone Pipeline. President Obama had just finished his debate with Governor Romney and makes a vow to attack Romney with how the pipeline will distort the climate. He then pledges to be persistent and win the election, due to a little motivation and inspiration. Prime Minister Harper is having a debate with Bill McKibben and storms off backstage, cursing McKibben and the protestors outside as he goes. He then realizes is microphone is not off. Harper is met with carnage outside as he rushes and stumbles to his limousine, scorned as he goes. The last, a pipeline supporter is leaving a rally and utters a phrase that would lead to a revelation that changed his views on the pipeline and life forever. I chose three different views and three different figures involved with it because I wanted to show how these people actually feel about this matter. I also wanted to be unbiased and show both sides of the pipeline, not just showing undoubted support or undoubted protest. I believe that showing the true fight for persuasion on both sides really shows how passionate people are about this project. Overall, the one thing that I learned from this project and value the most is the time and effort that the protesters of the pipeline have put in to stop it from being built. It is an astronomical accomplishment, what they have done. A great deal of work was put into these monologues and into this video. I sincerely I hope you enjoy my work.

The following is the link to my video:

End of Regulation

(Sit down and act stoic)

(Downtrodden) Obama: Thank you for the kind words, but I wasn’t as clear and fluent as I would have like to have been.

(Pondering ways of winning next debate but with not much luck.)
Obama: I just wish that the people would recognize how frequently and blantlany Governor Romney lied during the debate. If only the Republican party could realize that Romney’s and their plan to cut taxes on the rich will only lead to an even more increasingly drastic economic “depression” than the one we’re in right now. I need to take a different and more direct approach at some of the major issues, but what? What major world and domestic issue could I discuss to convince the United States to work with me so I can clean up the ever-worsening economy? If he keeps brainwashing the populus, then I’m afraid he is going to keep winning these debates and more importantly, he will win the undecided vote if he keeps changing his views.

(Listening) Obama: I’m all ears.

Obama: And what would that be?

Hmm. Uhh, that’s an interesting point you brought up there, sir.

(Starting to develop idea) Obama: That is a brilliant idea you have. I had heard Mitt say something about, though not much, during the discussion about the health care crisis, but it had slipped my mind. I have the power to repeal the project and not allow the pipeline to be built. The damage that it would do to our changing and warming climate will be incredible. Although the Republicans do denounce the theory of Global Warming, those who are aware of the very real issue will be interested in the shutting down of the climate. However, I most certainly want assure that the next president and the next generation of people will not have to deal with an unrepairable climate with oil spills happening ever so frequently.

I WILL be persuasive, I WILL give the hard facts, I WILL show the people what is happening to our country and even more importantly, our planet, and I WILL reveal the lies that Governor Romney spewed all last night. If I bring this integrity, I will make a strong case and win the upcoming election. However, I can’t let up. I need to be persistent. These people have done everything they could to stop me from fixing the economy during my four years, but no longer.  Thank you, young man, you have a very wise and knowledgeable head on your shoulders.

(With sincerity) Hey, wait a minute haven’t I seen you around the Oval Office a few times.

(Remembering now) Obama: Ahh yes. Well, again, thank you and have a nice night, I’ll see you tomorrow and I will win this next debate.

A Change Of Plans

Main Speaker: Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.

(At a pipeline debate with Bill McKibben, persuading protesters that the pipeline is a good thing)

Harper: (Being Polite) Well, you see, Bill, that’s the thing. The Keystone Pipeline will not only be the safest way of transporting oil, but for the first time since World War 2, the United States and Canada will have a mutual benefactor, this one in particular being called domestic resources. North America will garner so much more publicity and my country will grow economically and both our stocks will rise. We will finally have a decent clout in the oil industry, especially now that we are partnering with America.

(Harper: I assure the Canadian populace, I will only do what is necessary and what needs to be done.

Harper: Get this get this mic off me. This fool, McKibben does know the slightest thing about what I am trying to do. Doesn’t he realize how well this’d bode for those lousy Americans and their awful economy. Those bumbling dopes out there are so gullible. They’ll believe anything that I say. I’m not going to repeal that plan to build that pipeline no matter what anyone says.

(Acting hurried, very worried) Harper: My...microphone... wasn’t off? The crowd... they heard, *swallows* all that? Hey! You! Get me out of this place, now! I don’t need this liberal garbage right now. Get me to my limousine.

(Pushes back door of auditorium open and is met with very angry protesters outside as he approaches his limo.)

(Nervous) Harper: Open that door, now! I can’t deal with anymore. All of these ignorant people don’t know anything.

(Very angry) Harper: Why isn’t the goddamn door open?

Harper: Open the door!


(Relieved) Harper: Finally! Christ, almighty? These crazy radicals are out of there minds.

Harper: Away from here.

Born Again Ethanol Salesman

(Walking to his car, leaving a pipeline rally, waving goodbye to supporters/fans)

(With enthusiasm) Oil Salesman: Goodbye all! God bless and remember, with a pipeline, we are one, connected via what defines us.

(Closes car door) That was such a great rally. I really feel like these people believe in the pipeline and what it can do for our country and our economy. *Yawns* Boy, I’m exhausted. Hmm, with a pipeline, we are one, connected via what defines us. Huh. That’s funny now that I think about it. Connected via what defines us. Oil connects us? A toxic resource is what we are? Why would someone even think about that? That’s not what living is about.

*Begins to contemplate what’s right and wrong* What if this is the wrong approach? *Starts to clench steering wheel and palms being to get sweaty*

What about the possible or even *begins to worry even more now* eventual crisis of the rise of sea levels?

(Now seeing what he has been promoting for so long, he becomes very intent on stopping the pipeline)  
What will happen if the pipeline bursts, or worst, damages the o-zone layer even more? I don’t want my children growing up and living in a world like this, especially in this country, where greed is the main focus.
(Realizes what he supports, shows enthusiasm)
I definitely want the best for my kids and I will not, no, I refuse to support something that will jeopardize my children’s future. There is NOTHING on this Earth that i wouldn’t do for them, nor is there ANYTHING I would let hurt them. This CANNOT go on.


Many of Canada's biggest energy companies – firms that are headquartered in Canada and trade on Canadian stock exchanges – are in fact largely owned by foreign interests, including Suncor (57 percent), Canadian Oil Sands (57 percent) and Husky Energy (91 percent). All told, some 70 percent of all tar-sands production in Alberta is owned by non-Canadian shareholders.

It's these foreign-owned companies, not the environmental groups targeted by Harper, that pose the real threat to Canada. The Northern Gateway pipeline would slice through 700 miles of environmentally sensitive land in western Canada, exposing ecological treasures like the Great Bear Rainforest to major oil spills.

In Alberta alone, there were 687 pipeline failures in 2010. Three spills in a single month last spring dumped 400,000 gallons of oil – including 132,000 gallons into a river that provides drinking water to Alberta residents.

The oil – it's more of an acidic, corrosive goo – is expensive to extract, dangerous to transport and more damaging to the climate than conventional oil. The problem is, the oil companies want to triple their production over the next 20 years – but existing pipelines will reach full capacity in only three years. And if you can't move the oil, you can't sell it.

The chiefs of more than 100 First Nations tribes, who control half of the land that the Northern Gateway would traverse, have signed a declaration to stop the project, calling it "a grave threat" to their lands and waters.

Keystone represented the most profitable route to move the oil to sea, traversing 2,480 miles on the way to the Gulf Coast.

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