Khaliq Wilks Capstone

My passion for baking has turned into a modest business since the epidemic began. During quarantine, Treatsbyliq officially began on April 7, 2022. Many prominent corporations use social media to make it appear as though they contribute back to the community when this is not the case. I plan to fundraise to make care packages and donate them to shelters as a way to give back to the community. This is something I will accomplish to help people that are in need.

My initial step will be to collaborate with others to find shelters where I can donate care packages. From there I plan to figure out what days would work best for me so that I can do a bake sale. In addition to that, I want to create 50 care packages so that I can donate them to the shelter. I will be using the money to buy small necessities such as toothpaste, soap, and toothbrush, and maybe bake a cookie and put them in each bag. I’m also going to take a closer look at companies that don’t give back to the community. I’m also planning to take pictures of me and the freshman creating care packers along with a picture to show that I donated them.

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