khari evans costa rica

                                                              Costa Rica


I felt the water rushing beneath our yellow raft as it bounced from rock to rock like a pinball hit by a devoted player. These were just one of the activities plan for my eighth grade trip to Costa Rica. This was my event and I loved it. First of all the day was “perfect,” after depleting my host house supply of corn flakes (The real breakfast of champions) our class” piled into an old van and headed of for the rapids.  I was the front paddle a position reserved for the strongest. I got to lead my crew threw the nooks and crannies the river. However the home trip would lead to me catching man’s greatest enemy the common cold.  Most kids see a cold as a neat way to get out of school and watch TV, but I see a cold as a day or two of my life wasted. Our school had fundraised for this event all year. We sold tacos, beans and rice, salads, pies, and other popular food every Wednesday. We got people to sponsor us. We started a small coffee Business. We even host a fundraising event with food prizes and a live band. SO I BE DAMMED IF I MISS A SINGLE DAY ON THIS TRIP! This was my mindset when a got a headache coming back from rafting.



Maybe I overreacted when I yelled at my fellow students


Or when I made my teacher cry


But, venting anger on others means I won’t go mad

When lying in bed with a temp of 105


Now I rarely get sick but when I do get sick it is usually takes me 3 to 4 days to recover, then a few more days to get back to myself. I always show the same signs when I get sick a continuous cough or/and sneeze, watery eyes and goose bumps. So when I developed a cough with goose bumps going up and down my arms. I knew I was sick, but I denied my classmates questions of  “are you ok” “ you don’t look good” with “I’m fine” for I although being a smart person convicted my self that if I did not act like I was sick, I would not be. But I was, for when going to one of our tour guides house I had to use the toilet to throw up in spite of my good acting of being well.


I had to be driven back to my host family’s house. They gave me Tylenol and sent me to bed. That night I tossed and turned in my bed when it hit me I had not taken off my shirt from the rafting trip; it was still damp from the river water. My body was not used to the water of Costa Rica (that’s why you don’t drink water form other countries)


Looking Back I could have acted better but I am me and I can’t always do every thing for other I learn how I react to when thing don’t go as plan and how to deal with it. I saw people who were try to help me as holding me back. I don’t like working with others always but some time I have to let someone help me.