Kimberly Parker Q3 Reflection on BM

    My group dealt with the drug trade of Philadelphia. The group consisted of myself, Olivia Smith, Khalil Clark, and Anissa Amed. The first day that the benchmark was assigned we decided to construct a web page. We decided on a web page because we figured that people today use the internet as an informational source more than anything else. After we decided to construct a web page, we dished out the different parts we wanted to do. Anissa decided that she wanted to take everyone’s research, put it altogether and prepare it to be on our web page. She also ended up doing some of her own research. Olivia was our designer. She designed our whole campaign and put everything together on the website. Khalil was a researcher. He brought many interesting things to the group and provided a lot of the information. I was a researcher as well. I focused my research on the younger crowd of the viewers. I researched the consequences of the drug trade to try to persuade people to not get involved with it. As the days passed, our work was coming along really nicely. Closer to the deadline, we decided to come up with a pledge people can take to steer free of the drug trade. I made it up and put it on poster board. I also made a poster full of information on it about why people should care about the drug trade in Philly and how they could get involved and help. I hung these posters outside of the office on the second floor of the school in hopes people would take the time to read it.
    I enjoyed constructing my portion of the project. I knew I wanted to do research because I know my strong point is in persuasive writing. The campaign’s focus and point was to persuade people not to join the drug trade and to inform people about it. I focused my research on the consequences of the drug trade and was very straight forward in my writing. I explained just how this lifestyle could and would ruin your life, I included the gory details as well. I thought my research was a success for the project and I hope that people of all ages get to read it and think about it. A challenge in this project was trying to get the actual website to publish! It’s finally up and working now. So, now my group and I have to track to see how many people visit the website.     Overall, the entire project was a success, now as a group, we have to get our campaign out there for more people to see. Hopefully the campaign has some sort of impact on people to keep them away from the drug trade.