Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

In this pilot episode, we talked about the first 3 chapters we read of Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. We all have our first impressions of the book as well as explained our future predictions on the book and where we think it will go the farther we read. We could all agree on one thing for sure, eventually, this book will go downhill and someone will get hurt in the story.

Quotes: “Later, I would tell myself I hadn’t felt envious of Hassan. Not at all”- I have little knowledge of what this quote by Amir means. This quote is on page 35 after they are woken up by the sound of gunfire and explosions in the middle of the night. Hassan is hugged by his dad, Ali, and Amir is somewhat jealous of this because he always feels distant from his father. But now he says he won’t be feeling this way in the future, this could mean something happens to Hassan. Like maybe he gets killed. Or maybe, he just gets over his jealousy, and it’s not anything remotely violent. - Jackson

“Sanaubar joined the neighborhood kids in taunting Ali” - Page 10 Ali’s face is paralyzed and he has a limp. He also happens to be a Haazar, which people didn’t like. He was taunted by adults and children. But Sanaubar, his wife and cousin also taunted him. She obviously didn’t like Ali so it just made me wonder why she married him and had a kid with him. She ended up running away but it still makes me question why she was in the relationship in the first place. - Tybria

“ After hearing the brother’s account and their father’s plea for mercy, my grandfather ordered the two young men to go to Kandahar at once and enlist in the army for one year- this despite the fact that their family had somehow managed to obtain the exemption from the draft” (pg.24) I chose this quote because I think that this type of punishment would be great for anyone who has committed any murders and is sentenced to execution in prison. We can send them to the army with control over them, so they can fight. If they survive during the time they have been in the army then they can be sentenced to life in jail. -Erec