Klarissa wins Essay Contest!!

10th grader Klarissa Hudson won the youth essay contest held by the Human Rights Campaign!! Way to go Klarissa! She will be honored at the HRC Gala Dinner.

Here is an excerpt from her essay:

Happy..I don’t really hear that word come from my mouth when I’m asked how I’m feeling. It’s usually an “I don’t know,” a “I’m alright/fine,” or “I’m chilled.” Happy isn’t really in my vocabulary. I imagine it’s not in the vocabulary of most LGBT young people. The only time I use this word for myself is when I’m saying, “I wish I can someday be happy..” It’s not easy to be happy. Not everyone has a stress free and painless life. Not everyone has friends in school. Not everyone is loved. It’s not easy to be accepted.

You can read the full essay here...