Kofi's New Slide (It's The Remix!)

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I did my first draft of this project in an hour, and assumed it was fine. I didn't realize all it's flaws until I was presenting. This time I made sure to line everything up and leave more blank space. I learned from the critique of my slide how much different shades of colors (I tried to fix it but it would've erased all the other details of the griffin). I also learned how important the right spacing of things is, and how less is better, so I up sized the title and down sized the words, and then moved them to the center of the page and lined them up with the divide in the slide format.
When I looked back at the research, I started to realize things I didn't realize before, and when I used them on my slide I realized it looked a lot better. When everything was centered the slide looked a lot cleaner, and putting some words in the red half helped everything meld together. 
The source I used most were billboards I saw on the highway. They helped me realize what I could read quickly and focus on, and what I couldn't. I also used the Presentation Zen website a lot. I scrolled through some videos of presentations, mainly TED talks. All of this helped me put my slide together.
~Kofi Kohl