La Cazuelas

On tuesday we had a luncheon from las cascuelas. It was really cool to see all the food . I really enjoyed the food and my favorite was the chicken with green sauce. I liked both of the drinks. The juice had an interesting taste and it was pretty different, from your average fruit punch. I really enjoyed the milk cake it tasted like rice pudding.
2012-05-22 14.16.54
2012-05-22 14.16.54
Sopas de Maiz - Me encanta! 
Unos Ingredients : Tortillias

Tacos dordados - Muy intersante
Unios Ingredients: Torrtillas

Pollo Cazuelas- ME ENCANTA!
Unios Ingredients: Pollo

Chueletas Tentacîon - no me gusta
Unios Ingredients: cerdo

Tres leches- muy bueno
Unios Ingredients : leche