Labeling Women Project Reflection

For my research, I wish I had found sources outside of my school, to add more information to my survey results. I also could have gotten adults to fill out my survey, because I mainly got students from the school to fill it out. I want to know to whether certain individuals reacted in a way that was different from doing nothing. Were there any physical or verbal fights, because one was simply labeled?  I only want to know that, because in the survey, I just asked how they felt, but now I want to know whether they reacted out of those feelings they had.

For my original research, I did I survey and sent it out to the girls in the school. The sad part about it is the fact that not many people took it, and ever since I added a question, some people retake it. If I were to it again, I would first make sure I have a draft of the survey, before I send it out to people. The good thing is that people took it, otherwise I would have nothing for my research.

For my Agent of Change, I sort of got the impact I wanted. When people were wearing the shirts, people only realized the bold words that were on them. What they didn’t see is that it had a hashtag and twitter on the back and even ¨ask me about it¨ on the bottom. Sadly, not many people asked about it, they simply just commented on it, because of the word they saw written across the front of the shirt.