Labyrinth of the Mind

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Jessica Celli (Student 2018)
Jessica Celli

THAT ENDING! OH MY GOD! I love love love your concept and execution. They are both flawless and amazing, I am totally in love with this story, you did it so well. Good job!

Seyni Ndaw (Student 2018)
Seyni Ndaw

THE ENDINGGGG. OK so what you did well was incorporating technology into your sci fi element, which I assume to be dream control or something around those lines. I do think you could've provided a more thorough explanation of how the clicker works and how other people can access an individual's dream. For example, making up names for the clicker and the armor rather than just calling them that. Other than that it totally worked. I was really invested in the plot the whole time. Good job :-)

Sydnye Misero (Student 2018)
Sydnye Misero

I really enjoyed your original idea. Relating the end of the story to the beginning of the story was a great idea and really resonated. I liked how you gave a good element of suspense. The science fiction aspect was very nice, because it took real world aspects and transformed them without you having to create a new world.

Pablo Salvatierra (Student 2018)
Pablo Salvatierra

The founding idea behind this piece was really strong, and the whole "dream" therapy and nightmare therapy world is fascinating. I love how you don't try to explain what happened, or what happened in the world to make nightmares so dangerous. To say nothing of the creative/mind bending ending. Your piece does bring up considerations of what our dreams are made of, and it's nice to think of a world where such information is so definitive.

Cindy Chen (Student 2018)
Cindy Chen

I like how this story is very creative as well very descriptive throughout the entire story. The story was interesting enough to kept me entertain making me wonder what was gonna happen. The science fiction did works. I really like how aliens was included in this story. Some deep thoughts I get after reading this is if there might actually be aliens technology out there and if we are all actually aliens.

Paul-Ann Whyte (Student 2018)
Paul-Ann Whyte

Congratulations! You finished!! I really like the concept behind the story. It takes very sterotypical elements and make them creative. I'm very happy with how this came out. Of course I was confused for a good chunk but it made me keep reading so I think it was well done

Hannah Layton (Student 2018)
Hannah Layton

The descriptive language you used enhanced the entire plot. You did a great job of communicating an air of mystery as well as what was visually happening and the effect it was having on the main character. Super creative concept!