Language Auto :)

Loren Jenkins

English- Mr.Block


Essay: Language Autobiographic

I’m use to being called the little sweet girl since I was in elementary school.  I always was the one that was know for doing the right thing and paying attention is class when the rest wanted to act like fools.  But what they really didn’t know was that I was code switching. I’ve been code switching since I was little. I was quiet and paying attention in class at school, but when home I was just a regular talkative rugrat. For example when I’m home running around getting into a mess. While in school I know if I act up I will get in trouble at school and at home.  I’m generally nice to those that I meet, and tend to stay that way until you disrespect me.

I would never speak to my parents the way that I speak to my friends. When talking to my parents I speak politely and on a very comfortable level. I speak the way they can understand and not the use of a lot of slang because they wouldn’t understand most of it. As if I was with my friends just relaxing, or going out I would be more loud and wild talking. Using slang and silly phrases that I just made in my head. I would be on a comfort level where we both are understanding each other when we’re talking it doesn’t matter if it’s slang, regular, or something that one of us created.

There are types of friends that I do act different around. For example, my best friends I can kiss them on the cheek and sit on there lap. When in the process of all that we laugh and play around acting silly. They won’t judge me because they understand that this is who I am. Kissing them a little on the cheek when used in a form of greeting they don’t think that I’m hitting on them. For my casual friends people I see around and speak to a little I just don’t start saying things that I would to my best friends because they might feel insulted or uncomfortable. I can relate to this because I wouldn’t want someone that I don’t know coming up to me asking me about my personal life or kissing me on the cheek.  If someone actual did something like that I think that I would snap.

I remember when I was code switching in school because there was two types of friends I had. The one pair of friends I had was the one’s who was popular and knew everyone in the school. The second group of kids where the ones who really didn’t care if they stood out or not. I’m not the kind of person to judge on how many friends you have ,and if your one of the open stand out guys. When I was talking with my best friend who was kind of the unpopular group, one of my popular friends had the nerve to walk up to me and pull me away.  I turned around and ask “What was that for?”. Her reply was “ Because there is no need to talk to people who are not in your click especially people that aren’t popular as us”. I was so angry that I actually cursed this person out due to such rudeness and being immature. When I was with the popular kids I would be more controlling, being bossy, and acting tough. When I was with the kids who wasn’t know, as much I would act just like them. It wasn’t to fit in, but to show that I can multiple friends not judge on who they are.

I believe that everyone code switches even when we don’t do it ourselves. Code switching can be a really from the talking to your teacher to talking to someone on the street. It could go from talking to your cousin to you aunt. It’s form of natural talking that we do everyday. Some of us can control how we speak to different people, and keep in track how and when to code switch. Also, for those who do that they can try just being normal and watch how fast this can come naturally to you without speaking code switch. I somewhat think that maybe we naturally do this to help us stray away things that can harm us from things. Sometimes I think that or bodies can control our chemistry on who we won’t and don’t won’t to connect with each other.

For a long time I used to be the one who liked to observe before I decided who I wanted to be friends with. I learned from a lot of people that you have to watch out for those who you call your friend because they come and go. I learned that people will trade on you and would try to tale control over you. I was the type of person who loves to have fun and meet new people. But just because I know you and see you time-to-time doesn’t mean that we are friends. I mean I will still respect you and recognize you if you are doing the same for me.

I think that the point that I’m trying to make is that I code switch because that’s something that I do everyday. I do it because it comes to me naturally. I trained myself to be more careful on whom I choose to be my friends and who will not be my friends. You may see me as a person who is quite lonesome and afraid in the world. To me that’s crazy and so not true. I’m open, always smiling, and always being polite to everyone. I laugh and enjoy life just like everyone else. People ask me “How come you don’t never talk”. Then they’ll laugh like it’s a joke to them.  I’m the kind of person a nature human being that believes that I’m me. I make myself and no one makes me!