Las Fotos - Alicia

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Jhazzelle Majarucon (Student 2018)
Jhazzelle Majarucon

I understood her saying that she went to Italy with her family and friends. Tajnia loves art and photography.

I liked the tone of your voice and the details you gave.

I suggest you to speak a little slower.

Nadia Green (Student 2018)
Nadia Green

What I understood is that her name is Emilia. She went somewhere with her family. She went to New York and I think they took the JFK airport. Alicia likes art and to take pictures. She took a photo so she could capture the moment.

I liked the pace of the video and also the accent of her voice when she was speaking. It was easy to understand.

I suggest a little more pictures with each event.

Israh Mohammed (Student 2018)
Israh Mohammed

I understood that she went to Italy. With her family and friends. They took first class. It was a very good experience for her. She loves art and photography. I liked the amount of detail you gave throughout the whole video. It was very vivid in my mind. I suggest that you speak a little slower. At times it was too fast that I couldn’t register what you just said.