Last call on Israel- Blog #3 (Final Blog!)

Where to even begin…I hope you have learned a lot and actually took the time to do more research on the topic of Israel. I really take for granted all the stuff I know about Gilad Shalit and different situations happening in Israel. I have finally got videos from Youtube of Gilad Shalit. (Posted at the end of the this blog) I really just wanted to end this blog by saying that I really hope that you don’t just believe what you hear. Most news stations, like CNN say its all Israel’s fault and make up other stuff, but it is always good to do research and really see from both sides and form your own opinion.

 I would love to share with you important dates to remember and commemorate.            

Michael Levin died August 1st 2006. Every August 1st please take the time to remember who he was, even ONE minute of silence.

June 25th 2006, the day Gilad Shalit was captured. June 25th is coming up soon and I would like for you to get the word out about it. Just like I mentioned about Michael Levin, just take part of your day to commemorate him and I am only asking for ONE minute of silence.

 Thank you so much for reading these blogs and I would appreciate it if you watched this video I attached below!