Laughter-Marina Stuart

My product is a print advertisement for Laughter. Laughter is something that is in need in the world today, we have wars, poverty, homelessness, and other depressing things. This advertisement it so remind people to laugh, be happy, and appreciate the little things in life. 

The intended audience is well, everyone. There is no set age, race, or class that this is aim towards, it is for everyone.  The advertisement aims to include most demographics, including age, race, and gender. 

The inspiration of this ad came from usual medicine ads. Most ads for medicine include lots of people liked their new medication but the side effects of the ads usually are worse then the illness they are trying to cure. For example some allergy ads have the side effect of a stroke...thats just not right. That is why the ads has a humorous warning label, to make fun of usual medicine ads, and perhaps make people laugh. 

This ad is also effective because of the quote used at the top of the ad. "I love to laugh, loud and long, and clear" That quote is from Mary Poppins, almost every person knows that line and reminds them of a simpler time and a movie that most kids love.

If this ad could be redone I think the pictures would focus more of the people's faces and but more laughter centric, or perhaps have humorous pictures of animals or toys, to simply funny things. 

Laughter Benchmark Mstuart