Laughter And Relaxation

There’s a picture hung up in my dining room. The sky is slightly cloudy yet light blue and it looks like the sun is setting. There are a few opaque clouds letting the sun shine a radiant orange, but the sun is painted white. Below the sun, in the background of the picture are distant blue mountains. They seem small because in the front of the picture are houses blocking the right side of the mountains.

They are old multi-colored wooden houses standing on an actual dock. Both houses are wide in the front and slim on the side. The house farther away is very small and has 2 windows on the front, right below a brown roof and 1 on the side of the house. The body of the house is painted white but has aged, so it’s a dirtier white and almost tan. The house which is closer to the front is taller, by almost half of the smaller house. The roof of this house is painted the same color as the middle of the mountains, a light blue, and the body is painted the same as the smaller house, which is white.

From the bottom of the mountains to the bottom of the picture, is calm water. The water has a beautiful color to it due to the sunset spectrum. There are 2 sailboats parked at the dock and the water behind them is a sea blue because it’s the shadow of the boats. They are rather old and look like they have been there for a long time because there is a lot of bird poop on them. The wooden sails on both of the boats stand taller than the blue-roofed house, and the colors of the boats are dirty white also.

In the lower left-hand corner of the picture is a small island-like dock to park boats. It is  made out of grey rocks and 3 short wooden tree logs coming out of the ground to tie the rope of the boat on. This picture is like a glance of vacation to somewhere far away from home, so relaxing.

I love when the funniest things come unexpectedly. My friends, Ben, Andrew, and I were all in my dining room making our own video series that we brilliantly thought of to upload on YouTube. The videos were based on a class setting, and students making up funny excuses on why they didn’t do or forgot to do their homework. We would do this almost every other day when we would get enough excuses to put in a video. Although, today was different, my friends forgot their list of excuses at home so we decided to record a different kind of video. Not to be racist, but since Ben was Asian we wanted to make a random kung-fu fighting episode. Ben and Andrew take out all their stuff from their pockets and set them on a table. Andrew, by the way, is taller and bigger than Ben by about seventy pounds and eight inches. To tell you the truth I didn’t know what was going to happen, it was all improvised and not even thought out. Seconds later, the fight started… Andrew leaned in for an attack, but Ben’s quick senses stopped and countered the slow attack with a swift 360 degree spin to his left and BACKHANDED Andrew to the light-colored hardwood floor where he got knocked out! All it took him was one move to take down someone way bigger than him! And I got it all on camera! It was a funny day, and Andrew woke up about 10 minutes later.

The most boring English class I’ve ever been in. In eighth grade our teacher, Ms. Parks, made us read a really long story in the old torn up textbooks we had. That was normal for us, but what made it boring was the whole room being quiet except hearing classmates read aloud in monotone, messing up words, and reading unusually slow. Half the class was asleep and I was almost there. Out of nowhere, I began to think to myself about anything and everything. Where then I thought about a dog eating homework and how I hear that in movies all the time. It finally hit me; I started thinking of ironic and hilarious excuses that nobody ever thought of. I wanted to introduce the idea so badly. “Ben!” I screamed quietly. “Yeah?” he asked.

“You want to make some YouTube videos?”

“About what?”

           “We should make up funny excuses for why we didn’t do our homework”
           “…That’s genius!”

From there we planned meetings and had a goal to make a total of 101 excuses. That’s how we came up with the name “101 Excuses For Not Doing Our Homework”. It’s a simple title but we all agreed on it. We also asked around the school if they wanted to be a part of the “classroom”. We didn’t really get much people and we never reached our goal. Although, we had so much fun doing this, and it gave every boring class something for us to do when we finished our work!

These are just some of the great times my friends and I making a YouTube video series. They are connected because they both happened 2 weeks apart, and without making the series the backhand would’ve never happened. I remember when almost everyone in my school knew about our series and they liked it, and when I showed the kung-fu video to my friends and my teacher at school they all laughed hysterically.

I guess we stopped because summer was over and we didn’t see each other as often as we went our own ways to different high schools. Ninth grade past by, and now we’re both in tenth grade, I still wonder when we’re going to get together again, we had a goal... Goals should be achieved, and in life everyone should have laughter and relaxation.