Lauren Thomas Capstone


The process for my Capstone has been a rough one. In the beginning of the year, I had no clear idea what I wanted to spend my senior year working on. I had two different ideas and topics before I settled on what my finished Capstone looks like. I knew I wanted to do a website because I enjoy web design and I wanted to integrate photography into what I was doing because images are worth a thousand words. After what felt like wasting a lot of senior year trying to pick my focus, I finally talked to my mom and mentor and they urged me write about what I know best - Walt Disney World. 

I already know a lot about Walt Disney World, it is my life-long passion, hobby, and obsession, but I did find myself learning new things. I was inspired to let people really know about just how educational Disney can be, which is something I defend everyday. Following a research heavy trip to WDW in February, I was finally able to visualize my website. I wanted to use all my own photographs for my website and I’m glad to say that I accomplished this - every single photo found on my website (with the exception of five images) belong and have been taken by me. 

In the end, I wanted to prove that something I hold near and dear to my heart, Walt Disney World, can be educational and valuable to children and adults of all ages. (And I think I achieved this.)