Lauryn's Slideshow, Blog, and Artist's Statement

During the first quarter of advanced art, things were pretty tense. I think it was mainly because a lot of us would work slowly and then realize that the project was due the next day. Although sometimes I felt like I ran out of time for my artwork, I am proud of the three pieces that I created over the course of the first quarter. 

The first piece that I created was the ceiling tile. I was excited about creating the ceiling tile because it was something that we had complete control over. For a while, I struggled with what I was going to put on my ceiling tile. I then decided to design my ceiling tile in honor of my "hood". I am from Uptown, Philadelphia and it is something that I talk about everyday. Therefore, I felt the need to incorporate the track cover of Kur's 'Uptop Uptop' on my ceiling tile. I have always been a fan of the cover because it was appealing and clever to me. So I ended up making that the cover of my ceiling tile. 

The second piece was the fall wall hanging. I was never a huge fan of fall so I did not really have that much enthusiasm about the project as I did with the ceiling tile. The idea for my project came from a diy project that I found on google for kids in the fall. I liked the idea of the owl sitting on the tree in rather vibrant colors because bright colors make the project really stick out. I was not sure exactly how the project would come out when I was finish. In the end, I saw my owl as the cutest thing ever. I even gave the project a cute title, 'Hoot Hoot!'. 

The third and last piece that I created was the self portrait. I was excited to do this piece but it was really frustrating to do. I have a big head and it took me the longest time to get my fake head to look somewhat like my real head. The picture I used as a model for my portrait was one from my 15th birthday I believe. It was the first picture I had taken on Snapchat so it was sort of a big deal. That is how it ended up with the title 'Lauryn In Her Natural Habitat'. Overall, the picture sort of looks like me being that I am not the best artist.