Learnig English as a Second Language

Blog #1  describes about how in general kids are struggling with English as a second language. Many kids struggle with learning English in school. They may get shy, lose confidence, and not participate within the classroom.

The new information that I found is very similar to what I had research. After working with kids through my tutoring and interview process, although they seem to be struggling in school their teacher is doing an okay job with assisting them.

I didn't really pursue on more information based on my topic. Because there was no need for more web research.

My interview helped inform me with my topic by having someone's personal perspective about the struggles that face with English.

This add my understanding of the issue by comparing and contrasting personal perspectives and websites.

My personal opinion is that it depend who you are learning English, not everyone have the same exact problems as others.

I still wonder how it can be struggling with English in school.

I'm thinking about tutoring more kids to see how well they are in terms of their grades.


This image on the left, shows me tutoring a neighbor who speaks chinese with her family within her household.


This picture on the right shows me tutoring the same neighbor with her homework.


This picture shows one of the first graders Sarah, in Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy, I was tutoring.


Here's another girl who I was tutoring that attends to the same school and class as Sarah.