Learning English As A Second Language

The picture on the left, demonstrates a group of children learning in a classroom.

For this quarter benchmark I would like to do on tutor kids English, as a second language. I'm more comfortable with doing this topic because I know a lot of languages, and I want to help others who don't know at least the English language. What I am hoping to do is to help tutor kids with their homework, who speak another foreign language. They are a lot of immigrants children that come live here in America. When some of them do, they may not know or understand how to speak English. My goal is to make kids comfortable learning how to speak English to get a better communication with whomever may encounter with.

This photo on the right, shows an example of how children in a classroom loses their confidence.

In terms of participating with the class, students who seem to have trouble with the English language are often shy and extremely nervous I would want to help them with finding their confidence and having a better communication with everyone in school. Some students faced teachers making their learning environment more difficult by their way of teaching. Some cases where teachers wouldn’t explain/go over the work appropriately, for the student to comprehend it and get it done the right way. Therefore, I want to assist not just teaching them English but, with finding their confidence any order to participate in school.

This image on the left, shows kids exploring a globe in a classroom.

What I am wondering at this point of process is, finding specific creative ways to tutor children their second language. Will I learn a couple of new languages as I tutor kids? It would be great if I do! I hope that through this process I not only teach a second language to others, but help them gain confidence in school. It would help a lot communicating with people who speak English.