Learning the Weather in Espanol

If you want to know the weather in Spanish, you must learn these simple facts.

-The types of weather
-The Prefixes used in the weather
-How to describe the weather

Types of Weather:

Bright = Sol
Hot = Calor
Cold = Frio
Windy = Viento
Cloudy = Nublado
Humid = Hùmedo
Rainy = Lloviendo
Snowy = Nevando


The types of weather use two different prefixes: Hace and Està.

Hace: Està:
-Sol -Nublado
-Calor -Hùmedo
-Frio -Lloviendo
-Viento -Nevando

Describing the Weather:

Temperature = Temperatura
Maximum = Màxima
Minimum = Mìnima
Degrees = grados
Mostly = Mayormente
Partly = Parcìalmente
Sunny = Soleado
Clear = Despejado
It's nice (bad) out = Hace buen (mal) tiempo.