Leaving Home

Hector Sanchez


English II

9 / 21 / 2018

Leaving Home

In June of 2016, my mom told me that we were going to move out of Puerto Rico. A  few months later in August, the day before we left, I was feeling anxious all I could think about was that we were going to move to where my aunt was living in Philadelphia. All throughout the day I was thinking about was my family and friends and how much I didn’t want to leave them behind. I started to think about everything that would happen if moved. I thought about having to start a new life in a completely different environment. I had a feeling of sadness and anxiety.

A few days after my mom told me the news she told me that she was going to leave first and a few months later I would follow. I changed my mind about leaving because I didn't want my mom to leave all by herself. I decided to go with her in August. The day before I left, my mom and I stayed at our aunt’s house. My whole family went to my aunt house to visit us. As I said goodbye to all my family members a feeling of sadness overcame me all of a sudden: I didn't want to leave anymore. After coming to terms with the fact that I was leaving, we got in the car with my uncle and he drove us to the airport.

When we arrived at the airport my uncle got out of the car and helped us carry our luggage to the inside of the airport. Before saying goodbye to him a bunch of memories came to my mind. All of a sudden I was hit with a feeling of nostalgia remembering all of the good times that I had with my uncle.after that we said our goodbye to him and he got back in the car and drove into the distances.

Everything that happened inside of the airport passed kind of quickly. We went to check our luggage and after that, we waited a couple of hours to board the plane. After a few hours of being anxious about the trip. It was time to board the plane. “We will begin boarding now.” As they were calling the groups of passengers to board the plane I thought about all the good times and experiences that I had in my old town. In my head, I was thinking to myself “This is it we are really leaving after I board this plane and it takes off there's is no heading back.”When it was our turn to board the plane my mom looked at me and said, “It’s time for us to get on the plane.” As we boarded the plane I felt like all of my anxiety was slowly decreasing. When we got to our seat I sat down and felt the coldness of the seat on the back of my head. I was really tired so I slept throughout the whole flight.

When I got to Philadelphia, my aunt Karina picked us up from the airport. I was so happy to see her. I quickly went up to her and gave her a hug I think that most of my anxiety went away because I stopped thinking about the things that I was going to leave behind and started to think about new things that I was going to experience. I was happy that I was going to see some family members that I have not seen in a long time and seeing them again made me feel better about the whole moving thing.

That night before I when to bed I started to think about more things that I was going to experience.As I was thinking I realized that when you have thought to think positively about situations that may be hard you start to find positive things about that situation. Me moving to Philadelphia helped me realized that everything happens for a reason and some that somethings happen for the best. After this experience, I try to have a positive mindset when I'm dealing with difficult situations.

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Anthony Castro-Gomez (Student 2021)
Anthony Castro-Gomez

Primeramente, I like how you talked about your thoughts during and after the plane ride, and I think a lot of people can relate. I like how you explained what kind of mindset you were experiencing before and how you think now. I generally like the tone of the essay because you explain how you deal with difficult situations.

Gabriella Torres (Student 2021)
Gabriella Torres

What moved me about your essay was the fact that your mother was initially was going to leave by herself but you didn't feel right letting her go by herself so you stood up and realized what was best to do. How you used the key 3 elements was by telling a little about the the moving situation while also and your beginning thoughts about leaving. Then broke down into the portions about leaving your family and the trip to Philly. Last the whole end result about how you felt in the end when you got here and realized why certain things happen for the good.

Isabela Curtin (Student 2021)
Isabela Curtin

This was an wonderful essay. I went through the exact same feelings when I moved to here. I kind of felt relived that people understand what I went through. Your reflection was really positive! Good job!