Leeann's Interview.

​I interviewed Lamont Williams, who voted on Broad and Fedreal.

1. What motivated you to come out and vote?
my mother called me up, and said we going to vote now. 
3. Do you vote every election?
yeah, now i do, just start the last 4 years ago. 
4. Do you why we vote on tuesday?
No, I do not. the first election was held on a tuesday. 
5. Where do you encountered the highest amount of ad campaigning?
Radio, because i am always driving. 
8. What changes do you hope to see in Philadelphia as a result of this election?
That lower income people get better housing, that why he went democratic. the republican for the rich, that why they struggling. 
9. What impact do you feel that your vote will have on the election?
It has a lot of impact because every vote count, and every vote means a lot. 
10. Did you learn about voting in school? if yes, did that impact your willingness to vote today? 
Yes, but i was hard-headed and didn't pay no mind, but as i got older it became more serious. honestly, no but hearing it outside in the street maybe me want to make a difference.