Lei Zheng Capstone

I firmly believe that no matter where you want to be successful, you must put it in a global perspective. When it comes to having a global perspective, we have to talk about China. It is widely known that China has become a rising star on the international stage and has made great achievements in many aspects. However, we also have to admit that our understanding of China is one-sided and rather biased. Therefore, for my capstone, I created a website to introduce some Chinese culture and customs. In the website, I cover the foods, drinks, games, and tour sites. I really hope through my capstone, people can have a better understanding of China. 

Source #1: Talk about China in English
My sister was helped me to do my capstone. Because this book stored in the library which in the China, she helped me to borrow it from the library. And she also help me to find the informations from the book. This book introduces the most classic Chinese urban culture, human history, scenic spots, national treasures, and folk quintessence. Even though I have lived in China for 17 years, I have not introduced the experience of China to others in English. This book taught me how to introduce China to others in English and also provided me with a lot of information.

Source #2: Insights into Chinese culture
I also found this book in the China by my sister's help. This book captures some of the most distinctive content and highlights of Chinese culture. It introduces concrete and in-depth introductions with typical examples and materials. While introducing knowledge, it try to explain the spirit of Chinese culture, inner meaning and core value of Chinese culture. And it also provided a lot of help for my capstone.

Source #3: The Eight great traditions of Chinese Food
The website is Chinese, it introduces the eight great traditions of chinese cuisine, and also show the most notable cuisine in each style cuisine. In the capstone, I introduced the eight great traditions of chinese cuisine in the food page.

Source #4: Google Images
All of my website pictures were search by Google Images.