Leonardo-Alejandro ... Santiago (J. Pullins): El Refrn

​El refrán para la cancion:

¿Dónde comienza?,
¿Por dónde empezar?

*What is your refrán supposed to communicate?

The refrán is supposed to state where I am now and how I got there with who and where I'm from.

*What are you especially happy about your first draft?

Nothing yet; I wrote this first draft with the full intention of eventually changing it completely.

*What would you like to improve about your refrán first draft?
I'd like to include more metaphors and symbolism; I think the songwriting won't be very good without it.

*What was difficult about writing your refrán?
I think the difficult part of writing the refrán was trying to write something that sounds very cool, catchy, and original.