Let's make a change!

My past work has led up to my Agent of Change, and making a change in the world. In my first blog post (passion and information) I explained and wrote about how anti-semitism was an issue in the world. I explained how scary and dangerous anti-semitism was, especially in places like Europe and the Middle East. Blog post one led to my second blog post. In my blog post two (original research) I met with and interviewed Holocaust survivor Rabbi Charlie Kraus. He talked about his experiences living through the Holocaust and his views about judaism now. My interview with him sparked my interests yet again. He said he was disappointed and sad at how the world is acting to Jews now.

In my recent research I have found new ways to help the issue of anti-semitism in the world. I have given a presentation to my advisory, and I plan to show it more until I have made a difference. Some places you can make a difference at are the Jewish Relief Agency and the Anti-Defamation League. These sites give you an opportunity to help Jews in the Philadelphia community or help make a difference in the world. I think that these two agencies are great for helping out in the issue of anti-semitism. I have volunteered with the Jewish Relief Agency on several occasions. I was making a difference in the Philadelphia Jewish community. I have not volunteered with the Anti-Defamation League, however it gives many options on how to help anti-semitism, especially in the Middle East.  

For my Agent of Change I made and presented a slide show. I showed it to my advisory. My presentation was also shown to the 8th grade class at Greenfield Middle School. I want to show my presentation to more and more people. I will make a bigger difference in the world and I will help solve the issue of anti-semitism.   

I learned a lot throughout this project. I have had change, more people know more about anti-semitism and more about jews after watching my slide show. This project has helped me in many ways. I can now coordinate with others and their schedules (to a certain degree.) This project has helped me grow as a learned and as a member of the Jewish community. I felt good about this project. When everything was finished, I felt proud of the work I had done and after working with others schedules, I feel good about my outcomes. However there some things I could change about the project. If I did this project again I would finish my presentation sooner and talk to more people about presenting to them and others. I would also have done more for the passion and information blog post. I would also take more time to work on my blog posts. I still have to make more of a change in the world. One fact that really struck me was that Temple was the 8th most anti-semitic campus in the country. I would like to change that and educate more people about jews and anti-semitism.