"Let's Picture It"


Hello, to my faithful blog readers. Also, If you aren’t one of my faithful blog readers go check out post number one and two. I’m back again. My first blog post informed readers how ballet is known to be dominantly white sport. I also stress how the black community of dancers is slowly growing but still fails in being showcased in big productions. In blog post two I got to interview my friend, Sabree Primus. In this interview I asked her opinion on the dance world and the black dance community. She also gave suggestions on how to fix problems in this community.

After doing long research on my topics, I had to do something to make a change. I wanted to know what I could do to make a difference in a topic I resonate with. As you know, I interviewed a friend not too long ago. To close this interview I asked what she believed was a good idea to help do anything about keeping the dance world diverse. Sabree thought a good approach would be to have more integrated dance school, dance products that come in color, and more people spreading the word. I would would also love to see these changes, but there’s only so much you can do (especially when it’s a school project and you have deadlines).

As an agent of change in this topic, my goal is to create a hashtag for social media. I gathered members from my dance team, to take professional dance pictures around the city, to spread the word. I did this because I was inspired by a page I found not that long ago on Instagram. The page is called, brown girls do ballet, and they have hashtags and all. It is a page where they repost many aspiring colored ballerinas and dancers in general. This page is very well known. Many dance studios follow this page to support what they stand for. This organization stands for everything I believe, being a dancer. They also have there own website with propaganda.

This is one of the individual photos of me during the photoshoot. This is also a picture that is similar to pictures the page posts, that's why I chose to send this in. I also chose this one because it was a ballet photo.

My goal in doing this photoshoot was to send it to the page on instagram so they’d post my picture as apart of raising awareness. I also asked the participants in the photoshoot to do the same with their individual pics and post them. The page hasn’t gotten back to us yet, but I have no dont they wont.

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