Lets Stop Bad Policing

Hello once again, my name is Adil Shamsuddin, and I will be taking you on another journey. This is my final blog post, I will give you more information, and try to persuade you to come together and stop Bad Policing. If you wanted to see what I did on my last post, click here. In my first blog post, I talked about why this incident happens to appear all over the world. Police brutality “is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose. Blog post 2 was maybe one of the most informational blogs yet, I was explaining why body cameras are important. One sample of information regarding that is, police forces are trying to get more and more districts to stop wearing body cameras. Some police officers are were trying file reports on people who were recording them during a time of police brutality. Police officers are trying to not allow people to see what's really going on. Info from blog post 1- Not only people faced it around new york and etc, the highest rate of homicide are Hialeah. This bar rate is on an average on how many homicides were faced on African Americans, by themselves. This is also rated by per million, so these statistics are pretty full of an amount. The passings of Garner, Brown, and others on account of police are not by any means the only purpose starting mass dissents. The day after the Garner shows began, low-wage specialists strolled off their employments in more than 190 urban communities, requesting a living compensation and the privilege to sort out. They, as well, droned, "I can't relax." Workers from fast-food eateries, for example, McDonald's were joined by those from low-wage retail and accommodation stores and carrier benefit occupations. “Police killed at least 303 black people in the U.S. in 2016”. Through the Board of justice, the supreme court has no approval of this. Info Blog post 2- Despite the numerous deaths of unarmed citizens, massive public outcry, and the outgrowth of the Black Lives Matter movement, constabulary brutality against Brown and black people continues. One of the reasons why this still happens is that as a smart set, we have focused on being reactive rather than proactive. Reviewing video from trunk cameras, having grand juries, subsiding civil rights typesetter's case and the like will not ultimately prevent these deaths or restore what families and communities have lost. The retired Cook County Judge, Andrew Berman was deeply disturbed by this television, so he handed it over to the media. This video footage shows police officer Marco Proano shooting at the moving elevator car full-of-the-moon of six youngsters. None of these teens had a weapon on them nor did they acted aggressively toward the officers. Before the accident, two other Chicago police officers had stopped the fomite full of black teenagers. My interview did not go as planned, the police officer that interviewed told me that police brutality is not a big deal. Once he told me that, I was heartbroken. I constantly ask him why he thinks it's not a problem, his response was what threw me off the most. He stated that only 2 out of 10 police officers are doing it, so it's not really a problem. He said because only 2 out of 10 are doing it, it's not bad at all. He said “yes” police brutality is a bad matter, but the majority of police officers are doing good, and saving lives. I asked him several questions, his responses were all over the place, he was telling me that some questions he can't answer because of the district safety. I asked him about how he felt about police officers wearing body cameras, he said that he think it's the ok idea, but his district does not allow them to wear them. The police officer that I interviewed was African American, he felt that his own Brothers and Sisters of race are being killed for no reason. One reason why recording is better than stepping in is that, if you step in, that's breaking the law. For example, if I would step into a brawl against several police officers and one man, I would get hurt and maybe lose my life. "The cameras help defuse some of the tensions that might come up during encounters with the public," Chitwood said. "I think that 98% of the time, cameras help improve relationships with the community. This source was explaining to me why body cameras would work, but why most districts don't want it to work. I think that Police Brutality MUST BE STOPPED!! Our own Brothers and Sisters are being beaten for no reason and harmed because Police have some sort of power. My Agent of Change was very helpful for me and my participants, we discussed the death of Eric Garner. We Also talked about why recording is more reliable than stepping in. the reason why I chose to do a meeting is that we all can learn from each other thoughts. I think that this was a really good project, we all were able to do our own topic. I think that I learn a lot by doing research and watching documentaries. I think that I could have put more information in my own words, and Also do more than one interview. I originally wanted to interview two police officers, I was going to compare and contrast their thoughts. I think the best thing that anyone to be included in this Agent of Change is by, realizing the most powerful thing, which is your voice.

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The pictures below are representing the people who all came out and participated in the conversation that was held during class. Thanks!!