Lexus F. and Imani R.- Monoluges

Setting- Jake talking to his best friend Mike on the phone.


Hey buddy, how have you been?

That’s good I haven’t talked to you in centuries. By the way how has the job search been going for you?

That sucks. However, when you do get a job, I hope your last resort isn’t to work at a crappy oil refinery like me.

So you are telling me that you have not heard about the health risk while working in an oil refinery? (Surprised)

There are too many health risks to keep up with. I have to deal with keeping myself safe while working in the disgusting gloomy environment due to chemical polluted air. Also, my ears are being damaged every time I go to work because of the industrial noise. The impact of the noise is 5 times worst then having my IPod turned up to maximum volume.

Who are you telling? I feel bad too because my wife and three kids worry about me everyday when I go into work. Seeing the looks on my baby’s faces when I go off to work is heartbreaking. (A sad toned voice)

Aw shut up man, I’m serious! If you were here to witness you would definitely be on the same boat with me. (Serious)

Listen man, the health risk is only half of the issue. You have to worry about fires, explosions, and water waste. I have to rely on other people to do their job to prevent those things from happening. It’s mind boggling because when I am at work, that’s one of the only things I think about.

I know, this is a very dangerous job.

No man… It’s my pleasure because I would not want you to go into working in this profession if I had a chance to stop you.

Alright man, have a good day. Oh yea, and don’t be a stranger!


Setting- 69-year-old Maddie is being visited by her oldest daughter Amie while in Departments of Corrections in Washington D.C. Maddie is a Washington D.C White House protester that was arrested.


Amie what did my lawyers say?

I would never think that I would be counting my days in jail at the age of 69 for trying to help my society and the people that took me into custody. They had the nerve to do that to a little, hunched back, elderly lady that was doing no harm. I mean, I have gray hair for god sakes Amie!

After all this justice is served how much do you want to bet that Obama still won’t have an opinion on any of this. This is preposterous! I didn’t vote for him so he could sit his “hiney” down in his swivel chair and not have opinions. I voted for him so he could do everything he said he would, one of the things being to help change the Earth’s climate and environment.

The protesters including me were not there to cause any conflict, but to surface this whole pipeline situation. We spent hours in the church training for this event and where did we end up? I even remember one of the chants. (Stands up and presents her chant) Obama Stop the Pipeline- Yes he can!. (Guard tells her to sit down because she was being disruptive and her visitor had to leave in the next 5 minutes because of her outburst).

Amie you have to promise me one thing before you leave.

You have to promise to try your hardest to put your two cents in to help stop this 1,700 mile Keystone XL pipeline full of oil traveling through 6 states that is very dangerous.

That’s my girl! I love you.


Setting- Tasha is talking to her best friend Maxine outside of Mitchell Hall. They are about three minutes away from protesting about the Keystone XL pipeline.

Max are you ready this is big!

You are nervous? Max snap out of that its time to put your game face on.

Yes I did get arrested two weeks ago when protesting in front of the White House. However, I am ready to get my point across again. I am overly excited that Joe Biden is going to be here. That just means another person in the government can hear what I have to say. I will get arrested 5 times if that means stopping this 1,700 mile hazard.

Maxine just do what we practiced in the dorms. Every time you go to think about what to say or how to say it just think about all the lives the pipeline risks.

Just trust me… Nothing feels better than holding up a sign and standing up for what you believe in.