Lie Detector

Lie detectors are very interesting. For those who don’t know what a liar detector is, a lie detector is basically self explanatory. It is a an instrument for determining whether a person is telling the truth by testing for physiological changes considered to be associated with lying. This idea has only been existent in science fiction movies until last year. Researchers figured out that you can bring fMRI into court to self incriminate a witness or defendants, they would see the brain activity rise if they were to lie therefore making the court process a lot easier. One problem with that is the fMRI is very sensitive so any brain activity could spike the fMRI without actually lying. This could lead to false incriminations and accusations from the court. Now researchers are wondering is it worth the risk. If it was up to me I wouldn’t rely on the fMRI. I say this because most people are going to nervous from the beginning if they know they’re getting put on trial. Knowing that they’ll be on a fMRI will make them even more nervous therefore spiking the machine. Humans can't help it when they get nervous it is something that happens and whether someone is telling the truth or not the results might actually still be the same. Even though this isn’t the most reliable of sources, in the future that could change and be one of the most used devices in court. Using a fMRI isn’t really legal. Doing this will make you incriminate yourself and that is not protected by the constitution. So they would have to find another way to do the fMRI or change the constitution. In conclusion a lie detector is a real thing but not brought into court yet. With a few more advances it could be one of the most used devices in court.