Life decisions about having a High School Dipoloma

Kawthar Hasan

Ms. Pahomov

English 3

26 September 2016

People have to make difficult decisions to help them get through their life, especially with education. For example, getting a high school education is extremely hard for many people because of stress like life’s certain events such as finance, lack of interest in school, and failing to succeed school. Those are some of the reasons why it is causing some to drop out. Many adults strongly cast down students from doing this, going off  to the long-term issues of not having a high school diploma to have more open doors opportunities in the workforce. Regardless of the individual struggles and tribulations, those who drop out of high school do it with their best interest in mind. For teens who do drop out, their action is justifiable because they are doing what is best for them in that moment of time to work on themselves. That way these people can find a positive path to make the right decisions without any stress of school work being put on them.

According to the Colorado Department of Education, There are three main factors of why these teens drop out of high school: school related, family related, and employment related reasons, for many high school dropouts. The article also stated that, “Students who fail to succeed in school and attend schools that fail to provide them with the environments and supports they need to succeed.” In other words, the majority of the people who drop out had trouble with others helping them in and out of school to allow them to stay at their school. When there is no moral support, a student gets tired and believes that leaving would be best. Relating to the argument about the moment in time, teens need some support at times with their education before having them making the decision of dropping out.Therefore, it is not necessarily the kids fault if an adult does not try to help out avoiding them from dropping out, it should always be a place where these people can reach out and get support.

On the ‘National Dropout Prevention Center/Network’ website it shows many percentages such as, missed school days, overall the percentages for males are at “44.1” and females are at “42.7”. These percentages are high for the school related issues for teens to drop out. It could be possible that teens missed so many school days to deal with personal issues like financial or family problems that they have to face at home. Therefore, they must do what is best for them to take care of themselves so that education will not be in the way. There are times when adults are not in the picture to help support these kids to assist them with their personal needs to do better in high school to get their diploma. To be their in there true time of need of help.

Another reason dropping out can make sense is that it doesn’t actually cut a person off from education in the long run. A man named Kenny Buchanan who is in his late 40’s was a high school dropout. In ninth grade at the age of 18, he flunked twice and chose to give up, and decided to work at Burger King full time. He mentioned in an interview, "Back then, I could get a job anywhere," he says. "I could work at Burger King, quit that job and have a job the next day without an education." However, now he feels that it is hard to get a job because the job applications require a high school diploma. From the author Claudio Sanchez in the NPR article quoted, “Buchanan is one of 40 million Americans who never graduated from high school. Most of these people, about 60 percent, are between 40 and 70 years old, according to the ‘American Council on Education.’ About 9 in 10 have never earned more than $40,000. Buchanan falls into that majority.” Therefore, he decided to go to a place called Career Link, which is a place for job training and education for unemployed adults like Buchanan. There, then he realized the closest requirement that he needed was, a GED. GED stands for General Education Diploma, to get this a person must pass a test to earn a certificate. The certificate is proof of getting some sort of education. A person can take it at any place to get hired by their employer if there is no diploma with the job application. "When you get that GED book and you see the math that's required — algebra, trig — I think that scares a lot of people. Especially if they haven't been in school for 30 years," Career Link Director Sharon Angle says. Nonetheless, it is worth getting a job since nowaday many career places are accepting them with the applications. Which is great for others to get a job without a diploma and still be financially stable for themselves and their family.

People are going to make the best or the worst choice at certain points in life, but no matter what happens they will learn from their actions. Life is not all about making the perfect decision for a person and it will always indicate on someone whatever or wherever especially with education. If a person decides to put a hold on getting a diploma and need to get themselves together first, why not give them a chance? If high schoolers stopped to think about it, they would realize that their diploma is not just about graduation, it's about their long-term job prospects as well. Leaving school will allow them to be independent and get a view of what the future may hold. While getting an education is quite important in life, that one piece of paper known as a high school diploma can change so much in a person’s future life. Getting that job or raise that was wanted. While life can make getting a high school diploma hard for a good amount of people with personal issues. All of that has to be understandable, because sometimes life puts a person in a spot where one does not always wish for but that person has to find a way to fix it.

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