Life is a Drug

Life is a Drug

In my first blog post, I did my background research about Teenage Drug Use. In this post I obtained information about teen drug use via databases, websites, charts, and diagrams. While conducting my research I focused on 3 of the most mainstream drugs used amongst teen which included cannabis, cigarettes/juuls, and alcoholic beverages. I conducted several things from my research including susceptibility to addiction, dependency, intrusion on personal life, emotional problems, and a slur of other and physical problems. You can read more in depth about my findings here.

For my original research I interviewed my Uncle’s friend who works at The Juvenile Justice Center who used lots of the drugs I mentioned earlier, and more including pills. This interview opened my eyes and introduced me to some factors of using drugs that I did not think of or imagine. The person’s I interviewed name was David, and he started smoking weed at the age of 12 and shortly after started drinking and smoking cigarettes freshman year. David impregnated his girlfriend he met in high school and became the father to 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys by the age of 25. David spent his early days of adulthood in taking pills (xanax) and other opioids such as OxyContin. He continued to smoke weed and cigarette and drink in the midst of the other drugs as well. David spent his life in and out of rehab centers and shelters trying to seek and commit to recovery. David’s girlfriend had cheated on him and this heartbreak is what pushed David to continue using drugs, even while he was in and out of Rehab Centers.

Everytime David found himself finding a better opportunity and bettering himself, he was easily stressed and the drugs were an escape for him, almost his top priority. He would use money for support he received (i.e. food stamps) and sell them for money to purchase drugs. David also suffered from minor depression from struggling to see his kids, lack of happiness, and little support from his family. In his case, drugs were his antidepressants, and it was his only way of keeping sane. Along the way of using and selling drugs, continuing to be in and out of rehab centers and shelters, he was able to find an plumbing job, which was extraordinary considering David was unemployed without a high school diploma. David found this job to be his passion and was very good at it. The only problem that was still present seemed to be his emotional problems and his drug addiction. David was provided and house, helped pay for by the shelter he resided at and started his own plumbing business after 20 years of being a drug addict and practically homeless.

With the acquired knowledge I gained from Mr.David as well as extended research, I still have a few lingering questions, but I have gained a stronger understanding of teenage drug use. What I can infer based on my research is drug use in teenagers is not strictly just to look “cool” of to fit in or to “fit in”, but can be used to help escape reality or as a downtime. For example smoking marijuana and videogames are very similar conceptually.They both release the chemical dopamine, which is the reward hormone in your brain. In addition both of these things are mentally addictive, but is possible to get addicted to both of these things due to the individual. The problem with Teenage Substance Abuse is not just the intake of the drugs some teens may use, but the lack of information they don’t know until later when it’s too late. Drugs also pose a more potent threat when used in the teenage years due to the brain developing in its most critical state and drugs can not only stunt the brain from developing by destroying brain cells, but may pose long term negative effects on the brain depending on how much of a drug you intake. In conclusion what I have conducted from this research is that Teenage Drug Abuse while on the rise of marijuana and nicotine use, the only way to combat this issue is by informing adolescents and children around us not only the danger these drugs can pose, but the all around truth about these drugs, and how to stay safe even if they do try or experiment with varied substances.

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Kayla Kelly (Student 2021)
Kayla Kelly

This is sad too, I mean they spent most of there life doing a drug or selling it and smoking it, and then they go to jail because it is illegal kind or end up dead because they overdosed, it is kind of sad what the world has come to today