Life Lesson //Kyle Thomas

My dad is so annoying. He thinks that I am suppose to always do my homework. My dad be like “Did you do your homework” and I say “yea I did” knowing that I was lying the whole time. So, one day my dad had got an email from my teachers and he was really upset with me. So, when I had got home he was sitting there on the couch. I knew that something was up. My dad was like “why are you not doing your homework.” I look at him like “what are you talking about I do do my homework.” so, he was like your teachers emailed me saying you don’t do it. Why are you lying to me?”(angry on his face) I notice how angry my dad was that I wasn’t thinking and said “I do”.

Like when I saw him that angry it made me feel some type of way? Like it’s like I made my family disappointed at me.  He was like “go to your room and don’t turn anything on since you want to be a liar. So, I stormed up the steps so mad that I almost punched a hole in the wall. But I didn’t I stayed poised by controlling my anger and then I hear my door open. It was my dad and he walk over to me and was like “Son all I am trying to do is teach you a lesson. “ I said what do you mean you are trying to teach me a lesson and he was like “don't be a liar because it will create a really bad image on you.” Then he went on and said this “people will not trust you if you keep on lying.” Then he kept going on and on and was like “ I am trying to protect you because I don’t want you to be put into a bad situation with someone.”

Suddenly I start to realize that I need to change my ways. Like after hearing what my dad was saying to me it took me into a different state of mind. Like for instance, it made me want to actually try and take off these negative things that teacher and students have about me. So, I started to work really hard and try to prove everyone wrong. I took this serious, and it started to show in my class and in my grades. When my dad seen my grades he was so, proud of me because he knew that I had taken in what he had told me. So, my dad was like “Son I really like how you listen to what I had said and took upon yourself to start doing your work and handing in all your missing work.” So, this made me so proud because I can see my how proud my family was with me. What I had taken away from this was to always be honest because if I wasn’t then people will still think of me the same way.

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Louisa Strohm (Student 2020)
Louisa Strohm

I think that this was a really good example of how kids our age take on responsibilities. I like that you put in the part where your character was talking about how he felt as though he disappointed his family because I feel like when that happens to kids those are the real feeling they have. You did a really nice job Kyle!

Benjamin Rivera (Student 2020)
Benjamin Rivera

I really admire the life lesson because not all kids can just change how they are through a talk with their parents. It takes a whole lot of courage for someone to step up and admit that they are wrong. Your character shows a lot of maturity by the end of the monologue over all I enjoyed the problem being solved at the end and it makes me think why was he not doing his homework in the first place,