Liliana Guercio Capstone

I always liked helping kids in need ever since I was a kid in need of help to guide me through the health problems I had as a kid growing up. My junior year I went up to Penn State for an event called Thon which is a 36 hour dance marathon that they host. I thought it was amazing what they were doing for these kids with childhood cancer and I wanted to help in anyway that I could. My sister that goes to Penn State, found out about a non-profit organization called Four diamonds which gives the opportunity for high school kids to host a mini-thon to raise money for childhood cancer. 
For my capstone I chose to host a  mini-thon which is a small dance marathon that on last 4-6 hours since I know many kids with cancer and cancer runs in my family I  wanted to help as much as I can with helping these kids get the help they need. I raised awareness with my community by selling bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and lanyards. I also fundraised with Haish in which we got in contact with green field and had a dollar dress down to raise some money so that these children can get the help they need to make sure they will get the help they need that brings them a tomorrow. 
 I learned how to host an event and reach out to others when I needed. I learned how to have mentors who guided my through each process and made sure I was on the right track. I plan on taking this to college with me by continue raising money for them and hosting one at my college 

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