Lily Prendergast Capstone

My capstone project focuses on society and experiences on gender inequality in the automotive industry. During this process I read articles, watched videos, and interviewed people to further my knowledge and understanding of the automotive job and society’s views. I learned how to do basic car repairs like changing the oil, changing the windshield wipers, and changing a tire. Unfortunately the girls auto clinic in Upper Darby was unavailable for an interview, so I was only able to have an interview with my mentor on his experiences. While Steven, my mentor, is not someone who would’ve felt that oppression he has a behind the scenes experience of “garage talk” and stereotypes that have been said that he’s witnessed. I decided a video representation would be better because it could be educational and a fun thing to view. Just photos of a car fixed wouldn’t do my project justice because I wanted people to really think about where the prejudice from society comes from.
Lily Prendergast's 2022 Annotated Bibliography