Liquor License


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My partner and I choose to look up the steps to apply for a liquor license in Pennsylvania.For instance what needs to be done before even filling out any paper work, the basics. Of course,you have to be of the legal drinking age to and no criminal background. Other than that you have to have things like a have a seller's permit from the state department of revenue and a good location thats meets Pennsylvanias state quota. That is only the beginning of the process to make sure you qualify. After that there is a packet of paperwork that needs to be filled out, it isn't very difficult to fill out , just basic information on the owner(s) and what type of establishment you are trying to apply for. I'm not sure what I would change, to me, everything that is part of the process to get a liquor license seems to be appropriate and fair to make sure places that sell alcohol are well monitored. There may have been incidents concerning different establishments thats sell alcohol thats made the PLCB board want to make the process more full proof. I like the fact that Pennsylvania has a quota system for liquor licenses. I feel that this decision was for the best , this keeps alcohol distribution more evenly match with the people in the area.