Liquor License Reflection

My partner and I researched the long process of obtaining a license to sell liquor in the state of Pennsylvania. The first thing we found in our initial research was that liquor licenses are extremely specific. They are different for bars, restaurants, corner stores, etc. There are certain qualifications and papers you must fill out to distribute certain types of liquors. Purchasing a license alone has been know to cust up to 400,000$ in the state of Pennsylvania. There were about a dozen pieces of paper we had to fill out, and basically all of them asked for the same information. They were separate papers asking for the same information to be sent to different departments; it gets frustrating very fast. The process itself has many checks and balances to make sure that the people whom sell the liquor will be responsible, however the paperwork is still too much. The paperwork doesn't operate as part of the checks and balances system, it's just tedious repeated information. This could be a stretch, but I think the system became complicated after prohibition ended. Prior to prohibition everyone could sell alcohol which is why it used to be such a bigger problem then it is today. Prohibition ended, but regulation strengthened, thus we have the system we see in place today.